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Posted by Rob Knox | Jan 07, 2013 @ 12:55 AM | 4,624 Views
I got up at 0400 Sunday to go and do some electric park flying with my brother John.
This first vid is both of us having a turn with his FMS Me 109 Version 1.
RC Me 109 FMS Version 1 (6 min 25 sec)

John and Mark fly their Piper Cubs
RC Piper Cubs (8 min 2 sec)
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Posted by Rob Knox | Jan 01, 2013 @ 12:54 AM | 4,248 Views
I posted the flap fitting detail on the thread at this location
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 31, 2012 @ 11:55 PM | 5,141 Views
I first saw this model advertised on one of those banners at the top of the screen. I went to the site and was impressed by the flight video. I've also since devoured the thread info for this model.

The model arrived in very good condition, with the model box being inside an outer container. All parts were perfect, without damge or warping, unlike some other kits I have purchased. (GOOD)

The model comes with an instruction sheet with colour plates to help illustrate the various assembly steps. The instructions are general in nature and rely on the builder to have had some experience in assembling such models before. (ADEQUATE)


The Wing
Assembly of the wing is quite simple. You need to install the aileron servos and run the servo leads through the channel. Fitting of the servo horns and rods is straight forward with no noticeable 'gotcha's ' to worry about.
The wing spar fits beneath the servo leads near the center so be aware of that. One of the very nice aspects of the wing is that the servo leads all plug into a single connector which makes fitting and removal of the wing quick and easy.

The Horizontal and vertical stabilisers fit very nicely. I dry fitted both parts and was quite pleased with the neatness of the snug fit. Due to some unintended rough handling, the elevator snapped off, so I fitted 4 flat dubro hinges and hinged it.
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Posted by Rob Knox | Oct 16, 2012 @ 05:10 AM | 5,433 Views
Some months ago, my brother, John, handed me his Piper Pawnee. It's an ARF balsa electric model.
Wing span is 62" and flies VERY well.
Anyway, the plan was to repaint it and get Callie
to do the decals for me.
I have customised the model after the Pawnee 235 which my Dad flies as a Tug Pilot for the Darling Downs Soaring Club. Dad is an amazing bloke. 74years old, still swims a mile a day and is still flying full size.
Anyway, in his honor I have completed this project.

The simplest part, I thought, was going to be the re-spray; boy was I wrong!
Spraying directly onto model film covering is impossible.
The paint pools and runs. Very untidy. I had to buy some plastic undercoat spray to prep the surface to take the paint.
Anyway, I still had to apply MANY very light coats in order to avoid paint runs, and I still wasn't very successful there.

Finally, the painting was finished and it was time to apply Callie's fabulous decals.
The hardest decals were the stripes running the the length of the fuselage, and where they met the control rods for the rudder and elevator.
Have any of you been applying decals the length of the fuselage and had them touch down before you were ready? It is a deadset bugger.
I ended up having to cut the stripe on one side and re-angle it. Don't look too closely.

Below are the pics from the concept, up to post maiden flight..
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Posted by Rob Knox | Aug 06, 2012 @ 09:09 AM | 4,122 Views
A local lad, also a former school mate of my second eldest daughters', has produced some great posters of a few of my planes, and one of Ray's P40, from photos he has taken at the field.

Ryans other work can be seen on his Face Book page
Posted by Rob Knox | Aug 05, 2012 @ 10:20 AM | 4,226 Views
I produced this slide show from Saturday's flying with Ray.
Young Ryan De Roo took the pics for me, and I made it into a slide show vignette.
RC P40s Stormy Weather and Watch My Form Ground Attack Mission (8 min 4 sec)

Posted by Rob Knox | May 24, 2012 @ 10:33 AM | 4,717 Views
I was at Ray's place tonight to find a solution for my undercarriage issues on Stormy Weather, and we got this shot of Stormy Weather and Watch My Form together.
Ray is the master.
Posted by Rob Knox | May 20, 2012 @ 08:35 PM | 4,074 Views
I finally managed to get my wife to come down to the park and get some in-flight pics of my customised RAF 601 SQN Hurricane.
It is customised as the main mount flown by Australian Clive Mayers during the Battle of Brittain. The Actual ACFT was destroyed during an emergency landing from which Clive was able to crawl away. It is understood that the ACFT was damaged during a dogfight with an Me 110.
Clive Mayers' Mk 1 Hurricane.wmv (4 min 43 sec)
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Posted by Rob Knox | Mar 30, 2012 @ 04:30 AM | 4,234 Views
I've cut away the broken sections of the wing on the belly and replaced with some more balsa.
I will be taking the model to an aeronautics engineer and Giant RC model builder for assessment on Sunday. He has agreed to install the crank shaft in the motor when it arrives.
This model WILL FLY again....sooner rather than later.
Posted by Rob Knox | Mar 28, 2012 @ 07:20 AM | 4,993 Views
G'day all,
I have been pretty busy lately with work, and my various RC aeroplane projects.
About 6 weeks ago, I got my World Models 60"Zero back into the air. It is powered by a GWS 75 Nitro engine, which can be fickle, but no in flight engine failures yet.
I have been flying it as often as possible, and now have 14 flights on it.
5 of which were this past Sunday.

Not too long ago, I swapped a 90" Tiger Moth for a Ziroli 96"Zero.
The model was originally scratch built by Luke Cullen, a well known builder and pilot of large RC aeroplanes here on the Darling Downs. He sold it to my mate Ray Baines, who flew it for an unknown period, before he had to put his RC models away for 8 years while he concentrated on his farm.

Anyway, I have the Zero on my bench now and am working on the wing. On its last flight, Ray belly landed it and ripped the belly tank off it, which damaged the underside of the wing a bit. I have cut away the broken sections and am in the process of replacing those sections with some new balsa.

I purchased a new 5 cell, 6volt power pack to run the servos today, and the original futaba servos came to life instantly with nary a twitch. I had to adjust the flaps to make them even on deployment, and the ailerons are fine. I've cleaned up the wing surface, and lightly oiled the Robart air retracts with some singer sewing machine oil. Everything is going well so far.

I will be posting here as I make progress on this, my largest project to date. From what Ray tells me, the model flies beautifully, so I'm very keen to get her into the air.

To power her, I have been given a Zenoah G62 which needs a replacement crank shaft. I've ordered that from my LHS and will be getting a suitably qualified individual to complete the installation of that part for me.

For now, I have a picture of my daughter sitting next to the model at Ray's place prior to it becoming mine.

Should any of you have advice for me, please feel free to offer it here.
Posted by Rob Knox | Mar 20, 2012 @ 08:39 PM | 4,533 Views
Finally had my second pilot arrive for this model.
I touched up the paint on him a little, and glued him in.
Also, When I glued the canopy on originally, I used a medium CA to secure the rear section of the canopy to the middle section. This caused a cloudy residue to form over the plastic panels.
When I had the canopy off for the installation of the second pilot, I used an aviation spray on plastic cleaner and polish which throroughly removed this residue. The results speak for themselves.
Posted by Rob Knox | Mar 18, 2012 @ 10:35 PM | 4,191 Views
The Decals for my Hurricane arrived last week.
Once again, Callie has done an Excellent job. It never ceases to amaze me how accurately she can produce decals which fit perfectly where they're supposed to.
Case in point are the decals for the Tail of my Hurricane. RAF 601 SQN had a unique tail flash with their SQN crest in the white part. I sent Callie illustrations I'd found on the net, and only wingspan and ACFT length dimensions. She has produced the tail flash to fit PERFECTLY.

I had to remove the stock Squadron Code and aircraft registration numbers from the model. This was a bit of a dilemma in itself because the stock decals are water slide type and could be difficult to remove; plus, I'd read on the forum that other owners were having major difficulty colour matching paint. I had contacted Horizon Hobby for this info, but they said that it was a saleable part and were unable to provide the details (has anyone ever seen their paints for sale??)

Long story short...I discovered that by just rubbing my finger over the stock decals they would peel off with the friction.....but mainly only on the green paint, on the brown it also removed the paint. I took the cockpit to my local BMS Mitre 10 hardware store, and the guy there quickly matched the green perfectly, but then spent absolutely ages matching the brown. I was very impressed with his determination to match the colours perfectly for me .

I've now placed all the decals on the right hand side and removed /...Continue Reading
Posted by Rob Knox | Mar 01, 2012 @ 06:26 AM | 4,511 Views
G'day all, well, I've been a little busy lately, and I've managed to more or less complete a couple of projects.
With the FMS Zero conversion to the A6M2-K 2 Seat Trainer Variant, all I was waiting on were the correct sized meatballs for the sides of the fuse. They have arrived from Callie and are perfect. I also completed the weathering and the effect is really quite pleasing.
Additionally, I finished assembly of the E Flight Hurricane and weathered it also.
I am waiting on some graphics to arrive from Callie so I can customise this model as the main mount of Australian Pilot Clive Mayers' during the BoB.

Here are the latest pics.
Posted by Rob Knox | Mar 01, 2012 @ 06:06 AM | 4,550 Views
The attached pics show the dimensions of the under Carriage for this model.
Michael, will the WingSpan 100Degree electric Rotators go in here without too much trouble?

Posted by Rob Knox | Feb 14, 2012 @ 06:09 AM | 4,484 Views
G'day gents,
I've finally finished the major portion of customising my Zero as an A6M2-K Two seat

I had to buy a second cockpit and cut and joined the canopies and cockpits.

I stuffed up and asked Callie for 6 Meat Balls all the same size, I need two more for the fuse
in a smaller diameter than those on the wings.

Anyway, here she is.
Please excuse the quality of the pics, I took them with my phone.

I'll be weathering later to dull the brightness down a little too.
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Posted by Rob Knox | Feb 12, 2012 @ 03:09 PM | 3,960 Views
My Older Brother has been on to me to get my IC models on line for quite a while.
Earlier in the week that pressure became a bit heavier, so I dragged my 2m wing span World Star Trainer and my 1.5m World Models Zero out from under the bench and got them serviceable again.

Sunday I drove the 2hours to Brisbane and spent the day with my brother.
With my charged up glo driver and power pack for the electric prop spinner and 4 liters of nitro fuel, we headed to his club's field.

John did the first flight on each to make sure they were trimmed OK then walked away and left me to it. The World Star is quite a heavy model, and due to its size, has quite a presence in the air. I flew the normal circuit with loops and rolls on each down wind, then pulled off some awesome touch and go landings. This model is a real confidence booster. I flew the World Star a total of 5 times for the day, with each flight being 15mins.

The Zero really is a slick machine. The night before I had cleaned the dust off with some plastic cleaner and polisher. It left a wax type deposit on the surface, making it very shiney, but also, very slick.
Once I had her in the air, I settled into some circuits and basic manoeuvres to get the feel of the weight. The low level passes at full noise were incredible. This think HONKED along. I have never flown a model so fast.
John had set the timer for 14 mins, so when The count down alarm sounded, I dropped the gear on an upwind and visually confirmed two...Continue Reading
Posted by Rob Knox | Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:09 PM | 4,115 Views
Filmed and photographed Ray's Hell Cat Maiden on Saturday the 4th of Feb.
Here's The Vid.
Grumman F6F Hell Cat RC Model by FMS.wmv (4 min 44 sec)

....and this is my RAF Stuka in the Hands of Ray again.
RC Captured Stuka By RAF 601 SQN.wmv (4 min 31 sec)
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Posted by Rob Knox | Jan 22, 2012 @ 08:41 AM | 3,983 Views
I met Ray at the field this morning for some calm air flying.
These vids are part of the mornings flights.
Stuka, RAF Custom Modification 601 SQN.wmv (4 min 37 sec)

FMS P38 Lightning RC Model Flown By Ray Baines.wmv (6 min 0 sec)
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