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Posted by Rob Knox | Jan 01, 2013 @ 12:54 AM | 4,246 Views
I posted the flap fitting detail on the thread at this location
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 31, 2012 @ 11:55 PM | 5,137 Views
I first saw this model advertised on one of those banners at the top of the screen. I went to the site and was impressed by the flight video. I've also since devoured the thread info for this model.

The model arrived in very good condition, with the model box being inside an outer container. All parts were perfect, without damge or warping, unlike some other kits I have purchased. (GOOD)

The model comes with an instruction sheet with colour plates to help illustrate the various assembly steps. The instructions are general in nature and rely on the builder to have had some experience in assembling such models before. (ADEQUATE)


The Wing
Assembly of the wing is quite simple. You need to install the aileron servos and run the servo leads through the channel. Fitting of the servo horns and rods is straight forward with no noticeable 'gotcha's ' to worry about.
The wing spar fits beneath the servo leads near the center so be aware of that. One of the very nice aspects of the wing is that the servo leads all plug into a single connector which makes fitting and removal of the wing quick and easy.

The Horizontal and vertical stabilisers fit very nicely. I dry fitted both parts and was quite pleased with the neatness of the snug fit. Due to some unintended rough handling, the elevator snapped off, so I fitted 4 flat dubro hinges and hinged it.
There are also two horizontal strakes to be fitted at the top of the Vertical fin....Continue Reading