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Posted by Rob Knox | Feb 14, 2012 @ 06:09 AM | 4,476 Views
G'day gents,
I've finally finished the major portion of customising my Zero as an A6M2-K Two seat

I had to buy a second cockpit and cut and joined the canopies and cockpits.

I stuffed up and asked Callie for 6 Meat Balls all the same size, I need two more for the fuse
in a smaller diameter than those on the wings.

Anyway, here she is.
Please excuse the quality of the pics, I took them with my phone.

I'll be weathering later to dull the brightness down a little too.
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Posted by Rob Knox | Feb 12, 2012 @ 03:09 PM | 3,954 Views
My Older Brother has been on to me to get my IC models on line for quite a while.
Earlier in the week that pressure became a bit heavier, so I dragged my 2m wing span World Star Trainer and my 1.5m World Models Zero out from under the bench and got them serviceable again.

Sunday I drove the 2hours to Brisbane and spent the day with my brother.
With my charged up glo driver and power pack for the electric prop spinner and 4 liters of nitro fuel, we headed to his club's field.

John did the first flight on each to make sure they were trimmed OK then walked away and left me to it. The World Star is quite a heavy model, and due to its size, has quite a presence in the air. I flew the normal circuit with loops and rolls on each down wind, then pulled off some awesome touch and go landings. This model is a real confidence booster. I flew the World Star a total of 5 times for the day, with each flight being 15mins.

The Zero really is a slick machine. The night before I had cleaned the dust off with some plastic cleaner and polisher. It left a wax type deposit on the surface, making it very shiney, but also, very slick.
Once I had her in the air, I settled into some circuits and basic manoeuvres to get the feel of the weight. The low level passes at full noise were incredible. This think HONKED along. I have never flown a model so fast.
John had set the timer for 14 mins, so when The count down alarm sounded, I dropped the gear on an upwind and visually confirmed two...Continue Reading
Posted by Rob Knox | Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:09 PM | 4,108 Views
Filmed and photographed Ray's Hell Cat Maiden on Saturday the 4th of Feb.
Here's The Vid.
Grumman F6F Hell Cat RC Model by FMS.wmv (4 min 44 sec)

....and this is my RAF Stuka in the Hands of Ray again.
RC Captured Stuka By RAF 601 SQN.wmv (4 min 31 sec)
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