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Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 31, 2011 @ 05:46 PM | 3,190 Views
I've finished the assembly of this model, and there are a few tips I'd like to pass on here.

As I stated in the previous post, there is nowhere marked on the flight surfaces for the control horns to be placed.

In the case of the elevator, I fitted the clevises and adjusted them at the same distance, then I dry fitted the tail a number of times before I had it at what appeared to begood position. I pressed the horns in to mark the elevator, then removed the tail before fitting, dry fitting the tail and testing again, then finally removed the tail and glued the fhorns in place.
As a quick note here, I adjusted the elevator clevises at the clevises themselves, and also at the servo by loosening the grub screw and sliding the control rod itself, before tightening finally.
The elevators themselves were binding a little on the horizontal stab, so I had to do a little slicing in order to gain the clearance I needed.
The elevators were only dry fitted in the factory, so I removed them and placed just a dot of epoxy on each side of the hinge at the tips, then finally glued in place.

While that was drying, I fitted the two halves of the wing together, and glued with epoxy on the flat surface of the bench. I used a liberal amount of epoxy on the carbon rods and on the foam at the join to make sure that I had a good bond.

The rudder;
As with the elevator, I had conducted a number of tests with the rudder attachment inside the fuse so I was sure that...Continue Reading
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 26, 2011 @ 07:00 AM | 4,308 Views
I must have been an extra specially good boy this year, because, my daughter gave me this model for Christmas.
Started the assembly this morning, only after I found a thread which had some good comments and advice for the build.
The Instruction manual is very vague, and instructions are only of a general nature.
From the outset, I have found that this will not be as easy as an FMS bird to put together.
as a starter, there is no where marked on Ailerons, rudder, elevator or flaps for the horns to be positioned. There isn't even a pic in the assembly instructions. So it looks as though it will be a case of place the rod on the servo and try the..."about....there.." method.
The cockpit was difficult to remove from the fuse as it uses a sprung friction lock to secure it.
The pilot did not fit, so I had to dig out the cockit inorder to get him to fit without his head going through the canopy.
When it came to hooking up the rudder and elevator rods to the servos, it appeared that there wasn't a rudder servo. I worked out that the rudder servo and the nose wheel steering servo are one and the same.

The tail:
Again, instructions are vague with a poor quality photo copied image for directions.
It took me a while, but I found the rudder control rod, and worked out how it fitted into the rudder vertically, which all had to be glued to the vert stab. Very time consuming.
The attachment of this rod to the main control rod from the servo is also a bit of a challange...I'm yet...Continue Reading
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 26, 2011 @ 06:25 AM | 3,798 Views
Deb gave me this for Christmas, what a wonderful lady
Anyway, I've been reading the thread on this model since it began, and followed all the advice contained therein.
I drilled the prop backing plate to provide just that little bit more room to put the screws was still tight for the last few threads, but no broken screw heads.
The inner gear doors are the new mod as found on the grey Zero, so no need to worry about the two additional servos.
Anyway, maidened her this morning, after 0800 in order to avoid the possibility of annoying anyone.
Conditions were ideal. 24 degrees C, no wind, and 8/8ths of blue.

Nice take off, then climb to height for trimming.
Each wing has a deformed flap, and deformation of the wing immediately above the flaps. I decided to leave this as it was reasonably uniform, so didn't consider it to be a major issue.
My trimming had the aileron trim almost fully to the left, with about 8 clicks of left rudder; finally about 4 clicks of up, and she was calmly soaring around the sky.
I performed some loops and rolls, stall turns and the required hi and low speed passes. There was a tendency to pitch up a little on full flap, but it was easily manageable. The flaps worked well for landings.

After 8 mins I lined her up and made a text book landing off the first approach. It was so good, that I took off just so I could land her again, with the same result.

After the 8mins of flight, the stock 4S 2600 had only used 1152 mAh of available juice. A nice outing.

There was no one there to take any pics at the field, but I do have some pics of the assembly and the first ground runs.
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 26, 2011 @ 12:55 AM | 3,002 Views
The holidays have provided with some time to hammer away at some old and new projects.

I've been hammering away at some weathering lately.
I use the chinograph pencil to do panel lines and exhaust and other stains on the fuse.
Looks Pretty good too.
This is my Free Wing B17 The Pink Lady looking as though she's flown through hell and back.
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 19, 2011 @ 03:42 PM | 3,251 Views
I have been flying for about 15months now, and most of it has been down at my local Park, which is in a rural area.
A man and his wife have a house which boarders the park, but I avoid flying too close so I don't annoy them.

I was just flying this morning with some electric warbirds, and he came out and told me to leave.
the model was not making a lot of noise, I thought, but I immediately stopped flying. He said that he had enough of people flying over his house, and flying petrol helis so as far as he was concerned all could go. I tried to apologise and reason with him, but he was not in a mood to discuss things further, i guess because it was 0610.

So, my early morning flying at the park is over, and I will continue to fly after 0800, but staying well away from his house.
Because this is someone having fun, I expect the fun police to jump on this and have signs up very quickly. In the mean time, I'll continue until the park is officially closed to RC.
If I see the Wankers with the petrol helis in the park, I will certainly make them aware that they are being inconsiderate and should take their helis elsewhere.

There is no doubt, however, that I will lose the use of the park very soon.
Posted by Rob Knox | Dec 19, 2011 @ 03:52 AM | 3,147 Views
I just wasn't flying her, and she needed to fly.
I took her down to my Brother's place on the weekend and gave him an early Christmas present.

He flew her at 0530 Sunday morning, and the flight was beautiful,m as expected, but his landings were amazing.

John's mate Mark was there with his super dooper lens on his camera and took the following shot against a very interesting sky.