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Posted by VaderSS | May 30, 2011 @ 12:17 PM | 2,474 Views
My Aircraft;

Rotary Wing;

Syma S107, my first RC aircraft ever, which I recieved for Christmas 2010. This was the spark that ignited a fire, more of an explosion really...

KDS 450S with dealer installed Flymentor.
I crashed this heli a few times before figuring out that the Flymentor must have been set up with no wind. It would hold position, but as soon as position sensing was lost or I tried to move it, the wind would grab it and make it uncontrollable. I bent the airframe badly in its last crash, and destroyed 2 of the 4 servos.

Gootch 450 Pro with Flymentor. I took the electronics and motor from the KDS, and installed them on this airframe. Very nice.

Walkera 4G3 and 4G6
These are the helis I had my break-through learning to hover experience with. However their fragility and unreliability left me frustrated. They are now both on the shelf needing repair.

Blade mCP X
This is the Heli where I really learned to fly. Its robustness allowed me to make countless flights with little in the way of repair costs. I did wear the servos out however, and need to replace them.

Fixed Wing;
Surprisingly, since I'm an avid fan of fixed wing aircraft in real life, and have 12 hours of time as a student pilot, I got into fixed wing only after getting frustrated with the costs and difficulty of rotary wing.

Parkzone Night Vapor. My first and still the one I fly the most, as I fly it indoors.

Parkzone Ember
One of my favorites, but high...Continue Reading