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Posted by impostor | Jun 19, 2011 @ 12:40 AM | 3,251 Views
In the previous video, I had horrible landings with my JPower 50mm T-45 EDF jet. Warped the horizontal stabilizer twice, and broke off its tip once. After getting them repaired, the guys in the 50mm Jpower jet thread helped me set up flaperons to help slow this bird down for landings. It worked great! I'm super happy that I was able to put in 3 flights with great landings. Thank you so much RCG guys!!!

After my 3rd battery, 4 older folks stopped by to ask questions about my jet and stuff. A cop, who drove by previously when I was flying and he didn't bat an eyelid, pulled up this time and kicked me out of the park citing it's a wildlife sanctuary and that Homeland Security will have an issue with me flying an RC jet there and that they'd confiscate my jets, and equipment, etc... I'm not sure why he was fine with me flying before when it was just me and my fiance, but is not ok now... I didn't need any trouble, so I politely thanked him for letting me know and packed up my stuff, went home. Bummer bc I has having a good time too.

Here's some snaps and a compilation video of my flights this evening.

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Posted by impostor | Jun 15, 2011 @ 12:00 AM | 3,808 Views
Last Sat or was it Sun, it was a calm Chicago day (rare!) I re-maiden my SkyAngel T-45 50mm EDF jet. I was flying at 70-75% throttle to trim it to level flight.

Specs on my T-45 are:

-stock motor
-6-bladed fan (static balanced)
-3S 1000mah 30C Sky Lipo

The last landing cartwheeled the jet, and bent the right horizontal stabilizer, ending my T-45 flights for the day. Luckily I had my light-build Stryker with me. =)

T-45 Flights (4 min 7 sec)