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Posted by impostor | Mar 31, 2011 @ 11:07 AM | 3,553 Views
Last nite, the weather web sites were forecasting calm winds at 4-5mph in Chicago. So I grabbed my T-45 EDF jet and my UMT-28 to go fly. It would be the maiden flight for the T-45 and re-maiden for the UMT-28 since I replaced the wings and tail stabilizers.

Got to the flying are and the wind is stiff at 10-12mph, my WAG. It certainly wasn't 4-5mph. And it's cold. I decided not to maiden the T-45.

I went behind a small hill to try and it felt much calmer. It didn't feel as windy on the ground. I decided to fly the UMT-28. While it was relatively calm on the ground, about 100ft up, it was not calm. I think the wind is being kicked up by the hill. It was a handful to fly in the wind. ARGH!!! My little UMT-28 was being tossed around like a small skiff in stormy waters.

Even though I balanced it at home, adding a dime to the nose to balance it, the first throw it went straight vertical, then the wind caught it and took it away from me. I recovered and fought the wind to fly back and managed to gently crash it on the grass. I shifted the battery forward more and it helped, but with throttle, it goes vertical again. After a few more crashes, the last one bent the lower part of the rudder, I called it a nite.

I'm really frustrated right now with the UMT-28. I know it's a great plane, but it seems I can't friggin fly it unless it's dead calm. And those days are few and far in between for Chicago. I got the P-40 (previous blog) to fly when there's some wind. I want to fly. I don't want to stare at the planes on the shelf. So frustrated right now...
Posted by impostor | Mar 30, 2011 @ 10:22 PM | 4,379 Views
My order for the P-40 800mm from Nitroplanes arrived today. Double boxed, no damage at all. Everything was in perfect condition. I ordered extra spinner and props too. Hobbyparts battery order arrived the other day as well. No problems there either. A little slow but everything is there without damage.

From the videos from Nitroplanes on these 800mm P-40's, they had to cut out the grill behind the propeller to get airflow into the electronics. On mine, it's already cut. That's great bc it's one less thing I have to do.
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Posted by impostor | Mar 24, 2011 @ 01:44 PM | 3,626 Views
I've been itching to find something a little bigger to fly when it's a little windy out. I was originally looking at the JPower mini warbirds, but the only place in the US that sell it is BananaHobby. I've read so many horror stories about them. So I didn't order from them. Instead I found a gorgeous 800mm P40 by Airfield on Nitroplanes. I love the looks of the P40 warbird. I know NP, Xheli, and HobbyPartz are all the same outfit. I also read up on them and frankly, their customer service is not what I'd call good either. But since I've ordered from HP twice previously, and my orders came without any issues, that gave NP a leg-up from BH.

So I placed an order the other day for the P40 and some batteries. Yesterday, their customer service emailed to say the batts are out of stock. I told them to ship what's in stock and refund the cost of batts. Their customer service person "Albert" replied within a hour saying no problem and they'll get everything re-adjusted. I saw on my paypal that they reversed the original order charges and only charged for the proper amount without the batts. They also generated a UPS shipping order. I hope they will ship soon. We will see how this order goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me. In the mean time, I placed an order with HP for some 1000mah, 2S Sky Lipos batts for the P40.
Posted by impostor | Mar 22, 2011 @ 08:32 AM | 3,775 Views
Last nite I went out for a session. It was cloudy, foggy, and windy. I flew it anyways, when I shouldn't have. It was very difficult to say the least. There were several crashes, but the hardest crash was a full power dive from a left bank. Not sure what happened, but the plane just lost a lot of altitude very quickly. I couldn't recover and it smacked the ground, HARD. Broke vert stab, broke left wing, right wing, battery connector. So I went home all upset... Then I spent some time editing this video from last week's flight session. It took several hours to edit. Girlfriend was NOT happy.

Anyways, last week, I repaired a broken left wing (the first time it broke) with some glue and tape. Took it out to see how it handled. It was ok. There is a twist in the wing causing it to always roll left. I had to compensate for it with the stick bc the trim isn't doing a good enough of a job. While I was at the field, the up trim on elevator broke. So that's another thing I had to manually compensate. It made flying it rather difficult. Add in a little bit of wind and things were very very interesting. Lots of fun flying the little UM T-28 in-spite of the crashes, which you can see in the video. Anyways, enjoy the video!

UM T-28 Flying, Loops and Crashes (4 min 56 sec)

Posted by impostor | Mar 20, 2011 @ 12:14 AM | 4,350 Views
Meritline's got this Daily Deals specials. About every couple weeks, they put their 3ch micro coaxial helicopters on sale for about $22 shipped. These little ones are fun and easy to fly indoors. Great for cold, rainy, or windy days when I can't fly outdoors.

I already have a Talon Mini (v1) heli and it's a cute little heli. I have a video of it in my blog previously. Today, I made a video impression of the V2 heli. It's a little bit bigger than the V1. It has a trim problem in that it won't stop rotating to the left, even though I'm fully trimmed to the right. So a quick search on RCG said I should flatten the top rotor blade. That works great, but only for a few minutes at a time since the blades will revert back to their preformed shape. I don't know how to make them keep the flat shape... Here's my impression of it.

TeamRC's Hawk Talon Mini V2 RC Helicopter Impressions (6 min 32 sec)

Posted by impostor | Mar 13, 2011 @ 08:08 PM | 2,532 Views
I finally had a chance to out today with the local Chicago park flyer guys and maiden my plane. I've flown my mSR heli plenty, but it was all in my small apt. I logged some hours in Phoenix Sim with a custom made UM T-28 model (Thanks Andrew73!). That really helped in learning orientation and muscle memory in my thumbs.

Even with the time in the sim, I was nervous since the wind was a steady 8-10mph. It certainly wasn't the ideal condition to maiden the T-28 and certainly not what I had in mind for my first rc flight ever. But you take what you can get and make the most of it.

I struggled with the wind in the first flight. The T-28 was getting pushed around a bit. With the knowledge from RCG in hand, I set my rates at 75% and 30% EXPO across the board. There were spots where the T-28 climbed, but I'm not sure if it is the plane or the wind doing it. So I flew around for a minute or so before flying too close to the ground and a gust of crosswind pushed it into the ground. No damage.

Second flight was much better. I was able to keep it higher up and react to wind. Very enjoyable. I can imagine how fun this little T-28 will be when the conditions are ideal. I flew some more after that with success. My landing in windy conditions needs some work though. The T-28 took the tumbles in stride. The only damage (if you could call it that) was a slightly bend bottom corner of the tail rudder. Nothing that some tape re-inforcement won't straighten out.

Parkzone UM T-28 Maiden Flight (3 min 3 sec)

Posted by impostor | Mar 10, 2011 @ 11:50 PM | 2,678 Views
I spent a couple of hours tonite cutting, tinning, soldering connectors on my batteries, charger, and EDF jets. I replaced them all with the XT60 connectors. Tinning the connectors is really easy bc the XT60 connectors are curved, so it held the solder nicely. I kept forgetting to slip on the heat shrink tubing so I had to undo and redo a couple of connectors. It took a while bc I haven't soldered anything in like 10 years.

I lost 1 battery bc I was not thinking and cut both the wires at the same time. ZAP!!! Sparks flew. The 1000mah 3S lipo battery got really hot instantly. Woah! It scared me a little bit so I put the battery into a Lipo Safe battery bag just in case. Lesson learned. I won't be making that mistake again. Gonna chuck that one into the garbage since I don't feel safe using it. Time to order a replacement and some more XT60 connectors.
Posted by impostor | Mar 08, 2011 @ 10:08 PM | 2,558 Views
I was posting in a thread about the nano size helis and said that I took the vertical tail fin off my TeamRC Hawk Talon Mini Heli. Someone asked if it was stable and how it flew. So I made a short video to show them. While making the video, I flew the heli into my girlfriend who was filming. Sorry baby... Good thing it's not a Blade 120 SR. =)

I've got my S107G and S108G Cobra charging. When they're done, I'll do a video on them. Stay tuned. In the mean time, here's the Mini Heli video.

Hawk Talon Mini w/o tail fin (2 min 43 sec)

And here's the video of the Syma S107G and S108G. As you can see the Cobra is more nimble and slightly quicker than the S107G. I'll have to remove the tail boom support rods from the S107G and then see which one is faster. I bet it'll be faster than the Cobra.

Syma S107G S108G Flights (4 min 53 sec)
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Posted by impostor | Mar 07, 2011 @ 08:00 PM | 2,741 Views
I finally received my Thunder AC6 charger from HobbyPartz. I ordered it on 2/26/11 and just got to me in Chicago today, 3/7/11. That is some slow shipping! But at least it's here. Also got a pair of 6-bladed 50mm EDF for my T-45 and F-18. I'd read that the stock 5-bladed fans like to throw blades on flights, so I might as well replace them with these before I maiden the jets.

Got in an Syma S108G Cobra micro heli. This 3ch heli is SWEET! It is all plastic and flies really nice. Feels must more nimble than my S107G. They changed the Tx THRO stick so that it doesn't have the spring action any more. It stays ON like my Dx6i Tx.

Meritline has another Daily Deal sale on one the TeamRC nano size heli today for $21 shipped. So I ordered another one so that my gf and I can have helicopter battles with these nano heli's. W00t!!
Posted by impostor | Mar 03, 2011 @ 11:05 PM | 3,409 Views
When I started playing with micro helis, I didn't know the difference between one with and without a gyro. Luckily, I bought a Syma S107G. I wanted to see how much of a difference it is to fly one without a gyro, so i bought the Syma S012 Apache. I made this video showing the difference between with and without gyro. My S107G is broken, so I used the TeamRC Hawk Talon ultra micro heli instead.

And no... that's not me giggling at the end. it's my girlfriend. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Gyro / Non-Gyro Helicopter (3 min 2 sec)

In other news, I received my Parkzone Ultra Micro T-28 plane today. I bought it bc everyone said it's a great little plane to learn to fly planes. I can fly my mSR ok and have been playing around in Phoenix sim, so I skipped the Hobbyzone 3ch Champ plane in favor of the 4ch T-28. I already have a pile of 1S batteries for the mSR that all works in the T-28. Yay!!!

Posted by impostor | Mar 03, 2011 @ 12:26 AM | 2,717 Views
Today I received my micro heli from Meritline. Bought it last week in one of their Daily Deals specials for $21 shipped. It looks like a SH 6025-1 nano size heli. Cute little bugger. It doesn't fly anywhere fast, but my gf loves the way it looks.

I made a video just for the hell of it. Not sure why I said it is made by Hawk Talon. Not really sure who made it...
Hawk Talon Mini Heli (1 min 56 sec)