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Posted by heli hamilton | Nov 02, 2012 @ 06:50 PM | 3,187 Views
I have recently stripped down an Esky honeybee king 2. Replace the main shaft, feathering shaft, new blades etc.
I got rid of the old radio and hooked up a Dx6i.
I set the blades as best as i could, even changing the push links exactly the same.
I checked online for the Dx6i settings for a king 2.
When i tried the settings, i had to adjust some of the settings as the aileron and elevator was reversed. Then i couldnt get the swash plate to idle up. It was going down, so i adjusted some more settings so that everything went the correct way. The main blades are turning clockwise and the tail blades are turning counter-clockwise. My battery is fine, and i have a brushless motor setup.
Now for the wierd part. The helicopter will not take off. I have been on youtube and google all day seeking answers. It seems to me the blades are inverted all the time as the air is pushing upwards. (The blades are on the correct way). I have made adjustments again with the stick at mid position and setting one blade close to zero, then moving the other blade a further 10% as someone said would work. tried again and its still the same. It hasnt even been off the floor. Im totaly stuck. If anyone has any other suggestions i would be greatful.