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Posted by wesley21 | Feb 01, 2012 @ 11:01 PM | 1,901 Views
So I just thought I would start my blog up to chronicle my experience with my renewed interest in the RC hobby. I recently acquired my first fixed wing aircraft. I have plenty of experience with various helis over the years but airplanes are a whole different story. So I did some research and decided I would get NP's 3D Hawk as my first airplane, mostly because of the low price and reasonable durability some people said it had plus after a lot of time on Phoenix I found I loved flying 3D. I got it on sale for only $44, so if I totaled it I could easily afford to replace it without much trouble. I put a Walkera 2801 Pro rx on it that I got with an original 4#3 along with a 2801(not Pro) tx and parts right here on the forum. I had some trouble controlling the plane the first couple of times but soon got the D/R and expo set to where I could control it and fly 3D. I soon started adding LEDs for night flying and started to practice high altitude and long distance flying while waiting for my servo wire so I could power the lights from the rx. Soon I noticed that past about 350 to 400 ft. the plane would lose signal and I would lose control. Until today I always recovered from the dropped signal but on my 10th flight of the day I lost signal again and this time I didn't reestablish the link and the plane fell almost straight down from about 70ft. up. Luckily the damage was pretty minor, just a little crumpled foam and a busted motor mount (my hand made wooden replacement after...Continue Reading