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Posted by Twawsi2 | Apr 08, 2013 @ 11:23 AM | 2,291 Views
So I owe this to those that may follow the "Blunt" version Swift II. I bought/received a 10" Blunt (insert jokes here). Anyways, I didn't modify it at all. Using the 10" Blunt with 1.5mm x 4 mm Carbon Ribbons x 4 in a I beam fashion for spars. This strengthened it up just fine.
2 x Turnigy TGY-90S MG servos,
Corona RP6D1 RX
EzOSD/Current Sensor
IRC 5.8 vtx with extension on a SPW from VAS
RMRC Pico wide V2 camera with Servo Stretcher
ESC- Who's 30A rated.
Motor- Cheetah 2217-06 from bphobbies (Thanks Airbagit!)
Stock motor mount w/ fiberglass reinforment (original sucks doney b_lls)
50grams of weight on nose in order to fly with 3S 2500 mah batts.
Delete 50 grams of weight on nose in order to fly with 3S 3300 mah batts.
CoG is 6.18" from LE
Turnigy LED rx Switch
Waterproof LEDs on Bottom.
Leading Edges, some components covered with 3M tape.
w 3300 mah batts, maintain level at 8-9 Amps.
w 2500 mah batts, maintain level at 3-4 Amps
Capable of up to 3S 3300 mah x 2. ;-)
Maiden was at night. She flew just fine in the beginning. A little Left trim, a little Up trim, and she flew fantastic.
Finished two nights ago. Maidened last night and already has 2 hrs on airframe.
I've been out to 1.8 km at XXX meters with clear video. Very happy with this platform, for what I built it for. It doesn't roll fast and I'm ok with it, but it's a mule for follow on projects. For turning and burning I have a Standard Swift II.