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Posted by kablegod | Jan 31, 2011 @ 09:34 PM | 1,934 Views
So as many have possibly gotten into this hobby, my son and I got 2-helis for Christmas, the S107 and of course we opened up and learned that some research may help so i found this site and has been a blessing in helping us/ME to learn about this hobby and decide where I want to go. I have learned that reading alot will help you progress. We have stayed with 3ch and I am happy with it. Yes I have a 4ch Bravo III and enjoy flying it as well. I have NO intention of ever getting into the 3D or gas powered heli's, I am PERFECTLY fine with the electric ones, yes they have some set backs but im fine with it.
So far we own
Nine Eagles Bravo III
S020 (my daughters cause she wanted a pink one)
FXD 68688 (arriving in a week or so)

This is a great hobby, that you can easily spend more than you thought you would cause you want another all the time. Enjoy this hobby to YOUR fullest and you will enjoy it. Dont let anyone talk you into going 4ch if it doesnt interest you (no one has me), when and if it does then look around and get into it. This should be YOUR hobby to fill YOUR needs. Step up if and when you want to.

Enjoy my fellow pilots.