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Posted by bonnie9496 | Mar 07, 2012 @ 02:59 AM | 3,383 Views
Well...The YAK 55 is finished and successful maiden completed.

This was my first 3DHS purchase and I had high expectations. I unfortunately received a YAK 55 that was not initially as great out of the box as most others have experienced. The factory made a few mistakes on this build.
The landing gear had to be totally redrilled. The LG blind screws were on an angle. Canopy hatch drilled twice in the wrong position, cowl dented/blistered and unfortunately the covering around the tail area not applied well.

Ok........however. THIS PLANE IS AWESOME. Ran 3 batteries through the Yak in perfect conditions and was VERY impressed. The maiden was totally stress free, it flies like it is on rails looks great in the sky and lands like a kitten. Can't wait until I can fly ity again and get it really dialled in and CG set and add the SFGs. For initial flight set CG at 3". I rank myself an intermediate + flyer but on the first flight was doing a few knife edge passes and some nice harriers. Inverted flight needed just a tiny touch of "up".

My chosen setup using Rimfire .15 with 12x6 whilst not the recommended one performed well and provided unlimited vertical. At static 526W @ 48amps. Flew for 6 minutes using a 30c 2200mAH battery and came down with 3.78v per cell

See actual maiden flight footage below:

3DHS 46" Yak 55 Maiden flight (2 min 12 sec)