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Posted by bonnie9496 | Jan 28, 2012 @ 07:00 PM | 3,211 Views
Thought I'd start the New Year with a blog about my RC model airplane experiences to date. I'll update it when I remember and share my successes and failures with RC modelling.

I live in Perth, Western Australia.

My RC background: Started flying about 6 years ago after seeing a guy in the park flying and thought "that looks fun, I'll do that". A week later I had my first RC model, an Electrafun XP. A day later I had a crashed plane as I really had no idea! I then followed a pattern of fix, crash, fix, crash.........I'm self taught and have learned the expensive and hard way! I went through 6 planes(4 x Electrafun, 1 x Aerobird Extreme, 1 x F27 Stryker) over about 12 months then gave the hobby away, as too hard and too frustrating. I did have moments of success and could fly my simple 3 channel plane just "OK" in circles, however it was always a knee trembling affair when I was flying.
The LHS I went to was next to useless with information and were only interested in selling another plane. The third plane they recommended/sold me was the Stryker . Let's just say that plane never flew more than 20 metres in its brief life!

Fast forward to May 2010 and I noticed a guy flying at a field whilst out cycling. Interest was rekindled and away I went. Purchased an Electrofun XP and a Cessna 206T from the same useless hobby shop and I was away. Still self taught so it was an ugly couple of months but I was improving!(with flying and repairs ). The other thing I found was RC Groups and this has been my greatest source of information and learning.
Posted by bonnie9496 | Jan 20, 2012 @ 12:12 AM | 3,232 Views
At the flying field mid winter