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Posted by Outrider Delta | Apr 29, 2011 @ 03:46 AM | 2,218 Views
FVK Silent Dream
Hoot (hotliner)
GWS Slow Stick x 2
Mellineum Slow Stick X
Mellineum Micro Slow Stick X
Mini Ultra Stick
Night Vapor
Radian Pro
Fling DLG
T.H. Vista

I think I'm going to try to build a storage rack this week. Things are starting to look messy around here. Need to keep it neat or the wife might start asking questions
Posted by Outrider Delta | Apr 04, 2011 @ 06:50 PM | 3,307 Views
Well March has been a busy one both at work and on the flying field. I have had a lot of flying time so I suppose it is all good. The wind has been howling lately and I actually flew my Radian Pro and Slow Stick on a day the wind was a solid 30+ mph. It was exhilerating to say the least but I managed to put several batteries through them and only cartwheeled the slow stick one time. A few weeks ago while flying the Radian One I blew apart the spinner. I guess it is my habit of being either full throttle or off that may have weakened it or maybe that it has over 100 flights on it. Anyways as soon as I hit the throttle to climb back out from about 20 feet or so I heared an explosion and it went into a crazy vibration. I instanly went to power off and emergency landing procedures. I got it back to the field and landed with little difficulty. One prop was ripped from the spinner and the entire engine section was now loose from all the vibration. I have repaired it with a new metal spinner hopefully to avoid this in the future. I have started on a couple new projects. I am currently building an electric Yak and some balsa wing sets for the slow sticks. The wife comes home tomorrow from Japan and I really need to put some of that on the down low for a while. She will have to come to terms with the increased hanger size since she left

Yesterday I finally maidened the FVK Silent Dream. All my fears and worries prior to putting it up were all for nothing. She had...Continue Reading
Posted by Outrider Delta | Feb 24, 2011 @ 06:38 PM | 2,211 Views
Well, it has been over a month since I have updated. I have since maidened the Radian Pro and it went smooth but I wasn't happy. The Pro came with a prop that was too small and the climb performance was seriously lacking. Even with more juice from the battery it just wouldn't do. I put a new prop on and it and it really goes now. It has become my new everyday flyer. Soars good enough, satisfies the warmliner needs and with the crow and flaps, comes down just about anywhere I tell it too.

There is a new addition to the family! An FVK Silent Dream 2.5. This one is electric powered and with it's current set up I am expecting great things. I Picked it up from a great guy here on the classifieds. He took care of every question I had and packed the plane like an expert. I have not flown it yet but hope to on this 3 day weekend I have coming in a few minutes. The weather looks promising. highs around 79 with lots of sun and winds to 10mph. I know most of the country would kill for these conditions but out here we get spoiled and less than good is not good enough for a maiden. I myself and one other buddy try to fly every day unless it is raining. Even then we will fly in between the rain squalls. We both have planes we are willing to sacrifice to the gods for those terrible days. Anyways. I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets in some flight time. I know I will and I'm hoping to start looking for my next plane as soon as I maden this new one. Hmmm. Maybe a slope plane??? or maybe a Discus Launch. So many choices, so little money.
Posted by Outrider Delta | Jan 20, 2011 @ 01:27 PM | 2,304 Views
I was hoping to maiden the Pro last night but the wind was whipping at abou 20mph as the tradewinds were returning. So I chose to wait and just fly one of my Slow Sticks. I know the stick should not have been up either but it was alot of fun flying it around like a stringless kite. Right up until my buddy drove his V-Tail stick into mother earth it was a fun evening.
Posted by Outrider Delta | Jan 19, 2011 @ 01:06 AM | 2,531 Views
I just turned 45 on Friday. I have been in and out of this hobby since I was 11, when I built my first Gentle Lady Kit. A plane that taught me the basics of soaring and the need for accurate landings. Between that plane and a bunch of very helpful grown ups on the hill I was hooked. after years of being out of it, I got back into it in my twenties when I moved near a club field in San Diego Ca. This is where I got my first taste of powered aircraft. The need for speed grew 10 fold. If it couldn't do a 100 mph in a straight line, I wanted nothing to do with it. My last military tour of duty I ended up divorcing after 18 years and sold my lot of rc planes and some guy got the best deal of his life for 650.00 Can you say 10 cents on the dollar . Now 6 years later I am starting again here in Hawaii. We have no hobby shops and space is hard to come by. So I have taken a different direction. Electric planes, park flyers, and back to my roots, sailplanes. My vision is not what it was and my thumbs don,t move quite as smoothly as they once did. My hanger now consists of:
FVK Silent Dream 2.5
Radian Pro
Red Slow Stick (standard)
Blue Slow Stick (V-tail with straight clipped wing)
Mini Ultra Stick
Micro Slow Stick X
Vapor Night Flyer

It will grow I am sure since I am obsessive compulsive about hobbies. I think my next bird will be one that will require a long build. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences here as well as continued education on the hobby.