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Posted by PnoT | May 25, 2011 @ 11:52 AM | 3,679 Views
Ok, so here is my first installment of a video blog on the TL 50 and if things work out the Zephr will be the next one documented. I wanted to nail the TL 50 down first because there are a lot of techniques that will directly apply to the Zephr and when I do make a mistake I'd rather it be on a $100 wing than my $200+ Zephr.

This vblog will detail progress on building the TL 50 and serve to further my understanding of the process. A lot of the information is from the Ritewing build thread on RCGroups, Chris Klique himself, and a few other sources. I hope some more experienced builders will chime in with tweaks and tips. I'll try to upload a new video for each part of the build.

Here are some links to the forums and the wing:

The parts list:

TL 50 from Ritewing:
(2) 2S 5300mAh Gen's Ace lipos [these will be wired in series for 4s]
Castle Creations ICE 100 ESC
AR600 DSMX reciever
Rocket 28/56/1900kv motor:
Hitec Digital HS6635HB servos

Goals: 130+ MPH

This is my first attempt at building a Ritewing, using Sony Vegas Pro, and doing a vblog so mistakes are bound to happen!

RiteWing tl50 Video Blog - Part 1 (5 min 4 sec)