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Posted by Strudel | Mar 29, 2011 @ 03:47 AM | 2,313 Views
Over the weekend, finally built my EZ and Quadcopter.

Unfortunately, several things happened.

A) I crashed my Quadcopter

B) I crashed my EZ

Considering that my entire flight training consists of reading Biggles - Air Detective, I'm quite disappointed that none of his flying skills have rubbed off on me yet, one of his most loyal fans.

My Quadrocopter took off when my back was turned, (I was switching it on, turning and picking up my transmitter), heard a series of beeps, heard the rotors spin up, turned aghast, watch it rocket up several hundred (seemed a thousand) feet, until a mere speck. Nervously, I switched on the transmitter (never heard of anyone taking off whilst the control stick was detached and lying on the floor) and control regained (but having no idea how to fly it) - managed a controlled crash landing in the bush. Took me an hour to find the bloody thing. One propeller bent, another broken, my wallet destroyed (metaphorically).

My EZ was thrown into the air at a small oval, and a gust of wind gave it an uppercut, it seemed, throwing it down and to the right, despite my valiant (and completely clueless) attempts to right it. It's nose broke off. So much for what the old cheerful old "Ye Old Hobby Nerd" said about the EZ being 'indestructable'. Hmmm more like in(stantly)destructable.

I now await a set of propellers for my quadcopter, as well as some CA glue to patch up the Ez.

I have resolved to buy some sort of simulator. I am going to blame the lack of ailerons, and a too powerful battery - although my lack of Biggles flying skill might be to blame.

Looking at the 'AeroSim' as it has a Quadcopter as well.

More importantly, I have decided that my aircraft crashed because they lacked an important part. A painting/nose decal of a woman with big t1ts. Or to be more PC, a 'Vargas Girl'.

I'll look around for a suitable picture ...

Till then, waiting for the post / this whole project is on hold.


Posted by Strudel | Mar 21, 2011 @ 11:11 AM | 2,450 Views
Posted by Strudel | Jan 06, 2011 @ 03:01 AM | 2,691 Views
Hi there!

Having seen the amazing videos of Trappy, I've decided to get into FPV flight.

As for background, I'm a beginner, (but have played with a lot of cheap RC aircraft) and a flight enthusiast. An enthusiastic beginner!

What I was really inspired by, was the videos of these FPV pioneers, because what they did really captured the spirit of flying. I really connected with the idea of flying free, where-ever you want, whenever you want. Just like Biggles!

So. Today I bought a Multiplex Easystar.


1) I plan on building it, and
2) becoming proficient in LOS beginner flying,
3) whilst building up my knowledge and equipment
4) so I can do long-range flying (1-5km)

I live near the outback / national park, on the outskirts of Sydney.

Thankful for any advice, and glad to meet other enhusiasts on this board!