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Posted by nicodh | Jan 25, 2014 @ 01:20 PM | 9,534 Views
Sometimes when i'm in the field with my hexa and the gimbal i need to retune or verify some parameters on the alexmos software. It's a pain in the as. to take the pc out, usb cable and hook all that together when there is mud or sand or just because.

So I had an idea. probably a bad idea like all of my ideas. I decided to make an android app to configure and tune my alexmos board on the field with a simple USB bluetooth serial like the one for multiwii or naze32, hobbyking for 6 dollars.

So i took some time and managed to do a simple, working app that have all the parameters of the pc based configurator but in the phone.

It works flawlessly with my board, a basecam board flashed with the latest 2.3b5 firmware.
Everything works as expected, read and write.

Here are some screenshots.

Not graph debug for the moment but it will be available on the next versions.
Same for the older firmware compatibility. I need to check if it works with the 2.x versions.

UPDATE: It works with 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and the new 2.4 firmware 8bits and 32bits boards.

Next update, some neat ideas for the handheld users.
Posted by nicodh | Jun 07, 2012 @ 05:17 PM | 22,284 Views
Yet another bluetooth android app.

Yes it's another android apk.

It is 100% compatible with multiwii protocol but with the adition of Cli management.

You can download form the market for free.

It's dev compatible, in fact it is up to date.

Everything is included, pids, radio, aux1-4 checkboxes, cli management, realtime graphs, realtime radio channels and motors.

The link for app:

And if you have no acces to the market I attached latest dev.

If you feel you want to donate please follow these. I will be very gratefull.

UPDATE 1.44 version 54: Awake is now working as it should. You can choose between dim and full brightness in options.
You can get it directly if you don't want to wait for play. google to propose you.

UPDATE 1.43 44: Some cli error on popup.

UPDATE 1.42: What's new? You can choose to use Pitch/Roll pid settings together or separate (Specially for tricopter, some hexa and vtail). In menu you will find a new button next to protocol. Choose between separate or unified (default).

Added features like awake screen and bt shut down on exit. Some corrections on cli stuff, addition of map channel.

Soft coded the switch panel, should update automatically.
downloadble here:

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Posted by nicodh | Jun 07, 2012 @ 05:11 PM | 30,974 Views
I will try to keep updating this blog with the news about the naze32 gui AIO.

So what I reach so far?
Reality is nothing to fancy, just some windows to do the work.

-Gui interface, PID, Radio and checkbox settings. Nothing fancy.

-Cli interface, which makes much more easy the way to interact with the command line interpreter.

- Firmware update tool. You can download the latest firmware with a simple click, and update the board with a second one. Everything is done in background and takes no more than 10 secs. (in fact it takes 4 seconds but I decided to give some time to the board so it reboots correctly).

- The graph window is soon to be release. I have managed to update the data at 100 Hz rate, wich is quite nice.

I will add some images tomorrow.

You can see what is going on. This is the latest update I'm working on.

Just added one small feature, that used to be extremelly annoying in all gui I tested (multiwiiconf, wingui, naze32 older edition gui), comports didn't update on connecting new stuff. For example you open soft and forgot to connect the device. Before today, you had to close the soft and restart. But, NOW, you just click the refresh button and the combobox for com is updated. Piece of cake!

I hope this blog will be helpful for you.

UPDATE 28/7/2012.

Small correction for bluetooth usage. It should work ok now. No firmware update is possible thought in bluetooth.


New UPDATE 4/7/2012
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