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Posted by texbird | Oct 12, 2011 @ 12:40 PM | 2,517 Views
Current Planes List

PARTIAL list of planes - its an addiction - help!

Many of the UMX planes.
F22 50mm
Screamer 50mm
F22 LX
T-45 64mm
T-45 mini
B-25 nitroplanes
P-47 parkzone
P-47 nitro
F-35 hobbylobby
Eurofighter hobbylobby
Dynam Meteor
Micro Polecat
several profile 3D planes
Stryker 2
Styrker Q
48" EDGE 3Dhobbyshop
Extra Slick Twisted PLanes

In addition to too many planes, I own several parrots - like anything that goes into the air. I am trying to train them to be pilots

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