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Posted by staggerwing | Sep 22, 2013 @ 10:19 AM | 4,103 Views
This was built from a kit by a fellow UL club member who traded it to me for a UL I was building & had lost interest in.
Power is a Cayuna 430 w/ a 2SI gear box. It is basically a slow flying high drag kite having flaperons in lieu of ailerons.
It is for sale @ 4k.---a give away price as I need the room for cars.
Coupe is a 31 Ford chopped & channeled , 307, 350 tr,

Sky Raider

Posted by staggerwing | Oct 11, 2011 @ 01:50 PM | 5,513 Views
This is my latest full scale, a 2000 Sky Raider I purchased in need of TLC which is complete. It has only 34 total hrs but has been thru several owners some of which never flew it . 32', Rotax 503 w/ dual carbs, dual ignition, wing tanks, EIS instrument management syst, a well designed plane very similar to a Kitfox in construction
Posted by staggerwing | Mar 05, 2011 @ 12:06 PM | 6,403 Views
I purchased this last yr because I love older unique aircraft but w/ some reluctance knowing it was a PROJECT involving more time than I should alot in light of other planes to complete, & yes, the whole winter was consumed restoring it. I'm not sure who built it as the basic build seemed decent except for the very poor (home made ?) F/G components, but it had deteriorated into a cobbed up disaster !
Anyhow, the outcome seems satisfactory--kind of a different plane, but just enough to be very attractive, at least to me.
Although I have several gas motors that would have cowled in, I decided to retain the ST 2000 as it appears in good condiiton w/ probably little re-sale value today sold seperately.
It is light @ 14 lbs RTF & hope to fly it when mother nature improves our field.
My apologies for the clarity of the pics.
Posted by staggerwing | Jan 01, 2011 @ 03:57 PM | 6,985 Views
Finally got time to finish this after lots of sporadic planning on how I was going to address lipo access . I had good success w/ several other giant scale elec's (see my blog) using trays thru the firewall & cowl attached w/ magnets but I decided to carry this one step further.

First some comments about my perception of this ARF;

Great price--$320 to my door & upon completion, a GREAT looking big IMAA legal Spit. It comes w/ stars & stripes decals (the American Spit) but I ordered the British version decals from Airborne Models for $16
Nice light wood construction w/ f/g wing tips, fairings, cowl, whl wells & doors & a clear plastic false cowl to pre-check positioning .
RTF--w/ 8s 5300 40c lipos,(1 2s & 1 6s) 5 cell c size NIMH RX pk, --AUW-- is right on 16LBS .
Enclosed hdwr was usable, except for the PP elev.
Main elev PP belcrank mtd inside aft turning 2 outer belcranks was plastic, & expected to do the job w/ a tiny set screw threaded thru the plastic against an alum shaft--no way !
Instead I used the tried & proven aero shaft Y'd w/ 4-40 hdwr into ea elev half.
Also supplied were nice large pinned hinges preglued in thruout & so far the installed retracts seem very durable on our bumpy grass strip.
Covering job is decent but tended to behave poorly in the sun, but tolerable.
I took away the gloss w/ a Valspar (Lowes) spray of clear flat after trying several other...Continue Reading
Posted by staggerwing | Apr 04, 2010 @ 01:40 PM | 9,838 Views
Sig Waco SRE
Hopefully some of you fellow bipe lovers will appreciate this post, the last of my winters assembly efforts.
Interestingly, only 21 of the full size SRE, or "Arisocrat" were built & categorized as "custom cabin biplanes" according to Wikepidia.
One of my major considerations in purchasing this ARF was for it to fit in my Tacoma pickup fully assembled &, yes, just barely, sitting elevated on a stand to miss the wheel well humps. Assembling this w/ the flying wires verified the difficulty for field assy/dissasembly as there is no easy quick way.
Assembly & parts fit went well w/ a few changes---I added magnets to the rear of the top cabin cover in place of the (2) screws for easier lipo access;---cowl is fastened from inside & the (4) exterior holes covered;---elev servo moved to cabin interior; constructed ply lipo tray to fasten in cabin w/ (4) screws & a few cabin mods (see pic) . As in several larger EP conversions I made the mount from solid cedar, this one being 2.2 oz.
I substituted 7/16 socket hd servo screws for the many poor alloy phillips hd screws as the phillips mushed out w/ applied torque.
Upon 1st assembly I found the left top wing warped 4 degrees from root to tip & although I'm sure Bob Nelson @ at Sig would have sent me another, I opted to twist the wing in a jig in the opposite direction while tightening the wrinkles w/ an iron which took care...Continue Reading
Posted by staggerwing | Mar 29, 2010 @ 09:36 AM | 8,363 Views
I traded some items for this from a gent in Ont Canada approx 5 yrs ago & have never flown it as I was just returning to RC & needed to get some practice.
It's a beautifull bipe & very unique in that it has one of Ron Chapman's gorgeous custom built twins--this one being 76cc. Although I'm not sure he still machines them, his motors were well respected in & around the Toronto area for many yrs..
This one turns a 24x10 @ 6500 rpm. One of these days I'll get it down & unwrap it from the plastic storage covering & get it in the air.
The bipe also has functional scale landing gear.
Posted by staggerwing | Feb 24, 2010 @ 08:50 AM | 8,605 Views
Another bipe I've had for a few yrs ---G38 power, flys well & is not labor intensive to assemble at the field as I leave the N struts attached to the top wing. Other than relocating the rediculously placed forward deck hold down fastener into the cockpit & putting tail servos in the fuse, I added a spring loaded landing gear support to the existing weak gear legs.
I guess I might give someone the idea I like bipes.
Posted by staggerwing | Feb 02, 2010 @ 11:36 AM | 10,542 Views
Acquired this recently in need of some restoration which is finally complete.
Bevo Howard was a famous aerobatic performer quite a few yrs ago & his Bucker --exactly like this --now hangs restored in the Smithonian. (see pic)
Having only a 21' span, Bevo would mention you don't just fly it, you wear it. It was actually comparable in size to my Hiperlight.
This has a G62 & weighs 24 lbs--fabric covered & painted . Hope to fly it this spring.
The more I look at these Jungmeisters, I'm convinced Lou Andrews of Andrews Aircraft many yrs ago created his famous Aeromaster bipe (one of my favorite RC bipes) based on the Jungmeister.
Posted by staggerwing | Oct 16, 2009 @ 09:04 AM | 9,137 Views
I converted this awhile back & might as well add it to my blog.
I chose the Welgard C 6362-10 from BP Hobbies @ $136 as it seemed to have the features I was looking for plus support from BP in NJ .
(2) 6600 MAH EP 8c 4s lipos wired in series for 8s came from Xus @$75 ea when its owner was purging stock of his lesser c lipos awhile back.
ESC is the Hextronic 100 amp from United Hobbies @ $70 which despite some negative feedback here in RCG used above 40 volts, programmed & is working flawlessly for me @ 8s (33 volts unloaded)

So roughly $350 for major components---the cost of a G 26 ?
RTF weight--15 lbs 4 oz
RPM'S @ WOT w/ 20X10 APCE---5500; watts---1300--
Estimated thrust--14 lbs
.03 amps @ rest, 40 amps @ WOT
Temps--- motor after run--barely warm----ESC-cool to touch
2100 mah NIMH RX batt is separate.

The (2) batts extend thru 3/8" firewall on alum batt trays which allows easy batt removal & CG adjust & are velcrowed in place.
I cut the one piece 3 1/2" motor extension from cedar--(4 1/2 oz) , & used (4) 3/16 studs threaded @ both ends---I'm not fond of the hardware store threaded rod/spacer routine for these larger motors whereby this solid spacer puts only (1) stress on the fasteners---tension---no torsion.
The arming device is an accessable batt + wire at the bottom of the cowl w/ 4mm connectors.
For the cowl I used (4) 5/16" dia rare earth magnets --along w/ the existing fuse tabs to position & rotationally lock in the cowl---those magnets have incredible strength !
Batt access is an easy 30 seconds removing spinner, prop & cowl.
This is a very enjoyable, predictable flying model & looks great in the air
Posted by staggerwing | Sep 16, 2009 @ 09:02 AM | 9,461 Views
In 1934 Andrew Rearwin with his two sons added to thier existing successfull designs a sleek two place relatively high performance 32' high wing designated the Speedster 6000M --the M indicating it had the 125 HP Menasco inverted 4 cyl verses the "C" version having the lesser 100HP Cirrus eng..
It ranked well among other interesting designs of that era having a semi-symetrical airfoil and a top speed of 166 MPH w/ a 140 MPH cruise.

This built up 1/4 scale version (my 3rd large EP model) came from an old Bridi kit & was built for gas power per the plans therefore it is beefy & heavy, having a AUW of just over 20lbs w/ equipment shown.I purchased the unflown airframe from its second owner in need of LOTS of TLC .
It would have been easier to scratch build another as I eventually found out.

Prop---APCE 22 X 12 wide blade
1649 watts @ WOT
56 amps @ WOT @ 24.34 V
motor & ESC (HXT C 63-74 & 80A Sentilon HV 12s) were cool to the touch after WOT.
Batts used---(2) 4s 6600 pks in series producing 8s
Plane flys well w/ this combination & will loop ,roll, etc.
Posted by staggerwing | Jul 08, 2009 @ 05:11 PM | 9,749 Views
78" 24 lb G62 powered Bucker from Hostetler plans--hope to maiden this weekend & thought it wise to get pics now. I'm slowly transitioning to 2.4 & this is one of the first. Fabric covered, Krylon paint, w/ auto clear coat on cowl, pants & frontal areas . Haven't seen a whole lot of these large Buckers around & just as the AT6, it qualifies as a war bird even though it was a trainer.
This was detailed from an exisiting flying Bucker in the UK.
Posted by staggerwing | Jun 23, 2009 @ 12:07 PM | 9,483 Views
This bipe is a great flyer w/ the G23 ---no bad habits if built straight & to incidence called for.
I deviated from the plans slightly & flatened some alum tubing for the cabanes as it was easier & looks good in my opinion.
It is still available from BP Hobbies in NJ for a great price which I think is $160. Note---this is not an ARF
A real plus is it fits in my Tacoma pickup fully assembled
Posted by staggerwing | Jun 14, 2009 @ 10:29 AM | 9,441 Views
Here are some pics of a 58" Gloster Gladiator (the last bi-plane fighter produced by the RAF) I spent a couple of months restoring this past winter. Flying, age, & mice chewing up the airframe inside convinced its previous owner to let me have it reasonably whereby I was dedicated to restore it, being one of my all time favorite bipes. Power is an Enya 60 w/ scale exhaust.
The 5 or so coats of acrylic latex paint is from the small containers available @ AC Moore & is thinned considerably & brushed on & topped w/ a light coat of Top Flite flat clear spray. (Note--don't drink a lot of coffee when hand painting---especially rondells or pilots) Wrinkles in the one pic happen w/ immediate exposure to sun but then dissappear.
Posted by staggerwing | Jan 08, 2008 @ 10:58 AM | 11,029 Views
Well I haven't used this blog much for showing my RC projects & if I did, it would have to date back to about 1955 but here's my latest completion, a TF Stinson Reliant.
Weight, 24 lbs, power- Q35 ported w/ lightweight piston & ring,covering -fabric, paint- Krylon w/ auto clear on cowl, firewall & belly.
Has full cockpit detail.
I'm only looking for scale performance & the Q35 should do fine .I'm happy this is finally complete so I can get full time into some other projects !
Posted by staggerwing | Jan 06, 2008 @ 10:34 AM | 10,418 Views
This is a cherished photo of one of my now deceased uncles (far right) in flight training in Fla prior to his tour in the African campaign as a P38 pilot in WWII where he attained the rank of captain as a flight leader.
Posted by staggerwing | May 27, 2007 @ 12:42 PM | 11,097 Views
This is my main fun in the air---a 84 factory Hiperlight I restored about 11 yrs ago---down to the bare airframe .
Has flaperons for my short dedicated strip,(take off down hill,land up) is very docile yet predictable, & gets an honest 2 gph cruise @ 60 mph. Paint is single stage 98 Chrysler deep cranberry pearl urethane.
Loehle SE-5 in the hangar.