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Posted by vulturetec | Jul 16, 2017 @ 10:01 PM | 3,783 Views
Before laminating the ply doublers to the balsa sides I set things out as they should be first. I'll inevitably do something really boneheaded if I'm not careful, so this kind of thing keeps me from making two left sides.

I also tend toward using slow glues where it makes sense so I at least have a little time to align things (thin CA wicked into an assembly already dry-fit is an obvious exception, if that technique is appropriate for the situation). For the doublers I opted for slow-setting CA. During previous projects I've found this type of CA also tends to flow out nicely when the parts are clamped, giving a really solid bond across a large area - and it doesn't take a whole lot of glue to do it.

Working quickly I glued up the ply, lined everything up using a board with a jig on it that kept the ends of the doubler/balsa assembly flush while keeping the bottom edges aligned by pressing the edges down on the board together. Quickly clamping the assembly between two planks assures a good bond between the parts and keeps everything flat in the process. Even though it's CA I give the slow stuff several minutes to completely set up before moving on.

For those that haven't seen the instructions, plans, or kit, it may be helpful to know how everything is designed to go together - at least up the "pod" stage (presumably the rest will be equally well thought out). It's well designed to be self-jigging, the parts all line themselves up with minimum effort...Continue Reading