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Posted by Hanger Rash | May 08, 2013 @ 03:20 PM | 10,910 Views
Programming the Super T8FG for a 4 servo flaperon DLG for dummies
If you read Jon Finch's instructions, you have to be smart.

Step#1 - Name the model.

1. From the main window, Double click on the LNK button and enter the LINKAGE MENU
2. Scroll down to MODEL SEL. And select by pressing the RTN button.
3. Select NEW1 or where ever you want to create this new model.
4. Scroll down to RENAME and select
5. Name your model

Step#2 - Select Model Type.

It is important to do this early in the set up because the Model Type function automatically selects the appropriate output channels, control functions, and mixing functions for the chosen model type. When the Model Type selection command is accessed, all of the data in the active memory is cleared.
1. From the main window, Double click on the LNK button and enter the LINKAGE MENU
2. Scroll down to the MODEL TYPE menu and click the RTN button.
3. Ensure the selections are as follows


Step #3 Setup Frequency

I am using a Futaba R6106HFC Rx and I set up the transmitter as follows:
1. From the main window, double click the LNK button.
2. Scroll down to FREQUENCY and click the RTN button.
3. Scroll down to FASST and ensure it is set on CH7

Step #4 Setup Stick and Switch controls

The Futaba R6106HFC receiver is programmable from the transmitter and the output channels are dependent on how you set up the...Continue Reading
Posted by Hanger Rash | Apr 20, 2013 @ 09:55 AM | 2,663 Views
See this video for the Jim Shuffle

April 2013 UtahDLG Contest (3 min 16 sec)

Posted by Hanger Rash | Dec 28, 2012 @ 09:21 AM | 2,823 Views
(1) get two toothpicks
(2) Use one to measure the depth of the hole and mark it with a pin
(3) break the other toothpick in half
(4) heat some candle wax and get a thin layer on the fat side of the broken toothpick
(5) Use medium CA and fill in the hole
(6) Put the waxed toothpick in the center of the hole. Make sure CA oozes out.
(7) Hit the CA with kicker
(8) Once the ca has gone off, pull out the toothpick
(9) If the toothpick doesn't come out use a small drill and drill to the depth you measured on the

other toothpick
(10) Use a 3mm 0.5 tap to rethread the hole.
Posted by Hanger Rash | Sep 28, 2011 @ 10:36 AM | 4,430 Views
F3K Prep School Outline
1. Concentrate on individual skills that will be used in and F3K contest


Class 1:
1. How to Set UP / Tune your plane.
.....a. Check your throws
..........i. Rudder - 13mm or about a half inch is all you need
..........ii. Make the servo horn as short as you can stand.
.....b. Check your CG
..........i. For light air set CG as recommended
..........ii. For heavier air set the CG slightly nose heavy (CG forward)
.....c. Make adjustments in Cruise Mode
..........i. Adjust elevator to fly hands off with hand toss
..........ii. Adjust elevator to not pull out or tuck under in vertical dive then add 3 clicks up.
..........iii. Re-adjust CG for proper speed.
..........iv. Check response rate.
..........v. Pitch neutral roll.
..........vi. Check differential.
..........vii. Choose aileron -> rudder mix or not.
..........viii. Check elevator -> flap mix
..........ix. Do the Loop Test
..........x. Do the above for Speed Mode and Thermal Mode

2. Get control of your plane. - Control your landings; catch the plane.
3. Critique your launch receive pointers on how to improve your launch.
4. Launch -Video tape your launch for further self study
5. Reuse a thermal - Learn and practice the IN & OUT technique
6. Quick Turnaround - Learn and practice the 30 second round with quick re-launch
7. Coring a Thermal Lean how to find the thermal core.
8. Move CG - Test your plane with small adjustments to...Continue Reading
Posted by Hanger Rash | Jun 11, 2011 @ 06:16 AM | 4,331 Views
This is what I think. Subject to change as I learn more.

I want to answer these questions:
(1) What are the flight modes I use with the JR XP9303 transmitter?
(2) What are flight modes used for?

There are 3 phases in flying a DLG. The first phase is the launch. The second phase is searching for and utilizing lift or thermals, and the last phase is landing. I switch between modes by using the three-positions switch on the left hand side of the 9303 and they are set in this order SPEED, CRUISE, THERMAL. Things that can affect your presets or flight modes are change in CG and weather.

**** Launch Phase ****

In the launch phase you need your DLG to fly fast and straight with minimum drag. SPEED mode is the most efficient launch mode. Before launch I set the flight mode to SPEED and use the trainer push button to override the elevator settings (MIX 3 AUX 3 -> ELEV) to add some up elevator to increase the angle of ascent while launching. As soon as I launch or let go of the DLG and the plane is at a good up angle, I also let go of the launch preset button, achieve a good height and push over into level flight.

**** Search Phase ****

While in Level flight I decide which flight modes to use. Each mode uses camber presets to achive a desired goal and each one cause the DLG to go successively slower.

SPEED Mode: Camber up 2 mm.
[comment by like.2.fly]
Speed mode, with a little up REFLEX on the ailerons is an aerodynamic airfoil principal that...Continue Reading
Posted by Hanger Rash | Jun 03, 2011 @ 09:53 AM | 5,218 Views
This thread only applies to the XP9393 A/S and not the Heli version

Programming the 9303 or pcm9X II for a 4 servo flaperon DLG
Here is the setup I used to program my XP9303.

Step #1 - Servo Assignment
Follow the guide to assign the channels as follows:
Servo: Left Aileron - ch1 - Rx: Throttle
Servo: Right Aileron - ch2 - Rx: Aileron
Servo: Elevator - ch3 - Rx: Elevator
Servo: Rudder - ch4 - Rx: Rudder
Open Altimeter - ch5 - Rx: Gear

Step#2 - Enter the System Mode.
a. With Radio off, press down the ENT button on the left of the window and then turn on the radio.

Step#3 - Select the Model Memory you wish to use.
a. Use the roller on the right to scroll down to Model SEL, then press down once on the roller bar.
- Also perform a Model Reset to ensure you start fresh.
b. Use the roller on the right to scroll down and select MDL Reset, then press the CLR btn and then the YES btn on the bottom.

Step#4 - Select GLID as the Model Type.
a. From the System Mode use the roller bar to scroll down to Type SEL and then select GLID

Step#5 - Name the model.
a. From the System Mode use the roller bar to scroll down to MDL Name and press the scroll bar once.
b. Use the scroll bar to scroll right and a little up arrow (^) will appear along wit a character set.

Step#6 - Select the Modulation type for your receiver. (PPM for Spektrum & ASSAN stuff)
a. From the System Mode use the roller bar to scroll down to...Continue Reading