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Posted by Daryoon | May 25, 2012 @ 03:54 PM | 27,859 Views
I just tried a 9958 motor (rev 2: blue, red wires) versus a mSR X motor versus white cap Bravo SX motor. All using 8teeth pinion.

On a stock 9958 with stock 9958 blades...

9958 rev2 (5g): 58.5g of thrust.
mSRX (5.7g): 61g of thrust.
BravoSX (5g): 63.5g of thrust.

I hooked up 4 Eflite 25c 150mAh in parallel and charged all 4 cells between each test. So the voltage should all be stable. I wanted to see peak thrust output.

The tail motor wasn't running.

However, if the tail motor was left to run, the stock 9958 motor went from 58.5g to 54.5g.

The mSR X motor was almost a gram heavier than the Bravo SX motor. This is because it's 23mm versus 20mm.

Now, I wonder the difference between a black capped BravoSX motor versus the white capped one.

caveat: The 9958 and mSRX motors are used. The BravoSX was new. I'll take a look a new mSRX motor I have in my possession.