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Posted by Daryoon | Nov 21, 2011 @ 12:46 AM | 56,060 Views
To adjust the servo arms mechanically, means you trim the heli by lengthening or shortening the servo linkages. Instead of using the trims on the remote controller. Doing it this way preserve the full servo throws. Both forward and backwards.

Perhaps others could chime in on better step by steps...but here is a summary of what I do when I first get a heli.

Remember to get the heli up in the air to accurately see which way it's drifting. Keep the heli away from the ground. Otherwise the downdraft from the rotor wash will affect your heli and cause your heli to drift, messing up your result. This issue is evident if you try to trim in too small a room as well. The rotor wash will affect the heli, nullifying your effort.

Step 1a: Reset the remote control's electronic trim back to neutral.

On the 9958 remote, it's about 15 clicks from the endpoints. You can tell when your remote's electronic trim is neutral when you hear a long beep. Note: Only the throttle, elevator and aileron has a neutral trim position. I don't think the rudder does.

Step 1b: Adjust rudder
Rudder trim is responsible for the heli spinning left or right.

Start by giving throttle to get your heli in the air. Ignore the forwards/backwards or any tendency of the heli to slide left/right. Use the rudder trims on the remote to get the heli to stop rotating. Once the nose of the heli is pointed in one direction, you are ready for mechanical trimming.

Mechanical trimming

Step 2: Trim out the...Continue Reading