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Posted by kdean | Jul 01, 2012 @ 12:10 AM | 7,981 Views
After a little over a year of rc heli flying, It time to share some of what I've learned on the actual 'flying' side of things. For any new pilots, with dreams of doing 3D someday, this might be helpfull.

As a teacher, i'm always analizing ways to explain things to people better and easy to understand. I found that, now that i'm the 'go to' heli guy at the field, i'm also teaching other heli pilots how to do things.

I've been takeing mental notes of what i've done, and in what order, to get to where my flight skills are at. Also planing what i need to practice now, to get closer to where i want my skills to be. I think its time to share this plan here. It will help the newbies, and also to remind myself, and keep me on track.

(these are 'real life' along with 'sim' excercies)

First step - Get a SIM. Before i even got my first 6ch cp heli, i managed to find and download a free sim (fms) on a hp mini, and used the keys on the keyboard to get an idea of what i was getting myself into. By the time i took my first v400 out of the box, i was comfortable with what the stick controls would do.

Basic Hover - My first 11 flights with a real cp heli was spent in a low hover. Most of which were in my livingroom, so they were low. Never more than 5 - 6 feet up, always at eye level or below, and always tail in. Once comfortable with getting off the ground, holding position, and landing safely, I started the side to side and forward backward tail in patterns. (on the sim,...Continue Reading