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Posted by kdean | Jan 27, 2011 @ 01:25 AM | 10,783 Views
Flight Blog #1
Aircraft: DH 9053 Volitation
Time 10:30pm
Location: Grassy area next to local mall
Wind: 5 – 9mph

This was my first time flying the 9053 outside. I thought the winds were tame enough to get a controllable flight. Boy, was I wrong.

At this time I have not done any tail rotor mod, and really wanted to see if the rubber band under the flybar could help this forward flight problem. The heli is pretty much out of the box, except for the flipping of the lower blade grip, and adding the elastic bands under the flybar. For testing purposes, I first tried to fly without the rubber band in place (not restricting the flybar).

Plugged in battery, turned on transmitter, checked sticks and trim tab, turned on heli. I noticed that the tail light did not turn on. Thinking that maybe the rotor motor might not work, I did a quick spool-up and checked the rotor. It works….
No time to investigate the minor lighting problem I prepared for take off.

Launching off the sun roof of my car, the Volitation spooled-up nicely. the small vibration that I thought was a bent shaft was solved by loosening the main blades. (I thought that tighter blades would be better in wind but this is not the case - tight blades will cause vibration).

Quickly lifting off to avoid sliding down the windshield, the 9053 would go up, up, up and away. I had no directional control at all. I could not even control the elevation. Where the very calm winds blew, the...Continue Reading
Posted by kdean | Jan 24, 2011 @ 02:14 PM | 15,086 Views
Caution: This mod will drastically change the flight characteristics of your heli. Exercise extreme caution after making this mod. You cannot hold me responsible for any damages caused due to your lack of experience.

With the constant complaint of “blade strikes”, I conducted tests on this heli to find the source and solution to this problem.

Source -
I found that the top blade and flybar would angle to deep on extreme maneuvers, due to wind or “crazy pilot syndrome” causing the flybar to collide with the bottom blades.

Solution -
To solve this problem I had to restrict the movement of the flybar and top blades.

Conclusion - Elastic bands.


Name: 24012011272.jpg
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Size: 58.1 KB
Description: Purchased a bag of elastic bands from local beauty salon. .00

Name: 24012011271.jpg
Views: 321
Size: 126.0 KB
Description: Remove upper shaft and blade grip. Center pin just slides out after you remove the blades.

...Continue Reading
Posted by kdean | Jan 23, 2011 @ 03:53 PM | 11,418 Views
The following is a list of all the things I have or, have ordered, to start my new r/c helicopter hobby. I plan on flying, fixing, and bloging my experiences to assist the new comers like I am.

The reason I ordered so much inventory at one time is because, living in The Bahamas, I do not have the luxury of a LHS (local hobby store). And ordering the smallest part will take about 4 weeks to get to me. That’s a long time to be grounded.

The parts lists are not only made up of stock replacement parts, but also useful up-grade parts to insure the best performance and extended part life.

New Walkera V400D02 owners, and people interested in getting a V400 heli, can take advantage of my constant research, and goal of making my flying experience a satisfying one.


*1 Double Horse 9053 Volitation Coaxial 3ch Helicopter (Xmas gift from wife)

*1 Walkera V400D02 2.4Ghz Flybarless Series RTF Ready to Fly
Helicopter w/ Auto Stabilizing Gyro/ WK- 2603 Digital Transmitter
(ordered from X-Heli)

*1 Walkera V400D02 with WK- 2603 Transmitter and 2 Stock LiPo Batteries.
(ordered from ThatGuy)

*1 Used Walkera V400D02 (flown once and crashed,
complete except for: one servo and canopy. Tail boom to frame attachment is
broken.) (ordered from ThatGuy)


Volitation 9053 parts:

(ordered from X-Heli)
*3 7.4V Battery
*4 Tail Blade
*1 Main Blade Grip Set
*2 Balance...Continue Reading
Posted by kdean | Jan 11, 2011 @ 02:46 AM | 11,285 Views
This is part two of a mod that will simply put you throttle and rudder control on your left stick, and the forward backward movement stays on the right. Like the ‘Big Boys’ do it.
Posted by kdean | Jan 11, 2011 @ 02:32 AM | 12,165 Views
This is not really a mod, but more of a preference. If you are new to rc helis’ and are thinking about moving on to a bigger more advanced heli, or if you are an experienced rc pilot and have a 3ch ‘kick-around’ heli in your collection, this is for you.

The reason I did this to my 9053 Volitation transmitter is because this is my first heli and I’m looking at getting a more advance heli in the near future. By making this change to my controller I will avoid developing “bad thumb habits” while learning to fly. This will also make my transition smoother when I get my 4ch/6ch heli.

This mod will simply put you throttle and rudder control on your left stick, and the forward backward movement stays on the right. Like the ‘Big Boys’ do it.

The only things you should need are a screw driver (philips), pliers, and glue (krayz).

Getting Started... part 1