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Posted by Paddytfm | Jan 23, 2011 @ 08:42 AM | 9,281 Views
A bit of history information
Based on Rcexplorer tricopter website information. Thanks to David

I started tricopter addiction. Few years ago I went to inter ex in nederweert Holland and saw the first tricopter with still brushless motor flying and piloted by the German designer Dr. Sieghard Dienlin et Stefan Dolch.
Don't look forward those two model aren't any more sold,but were nice platform to initiate the concept.

(Dans le n° 300 de RCM 2006: banc d'essai de l'Intellicoptère et du Tribelle par P.Bicheron.)
Named Tribelle I was very impressed, flying like a plane not like a helicopter so with restricted evolution.
According to that trip a friend of mine bought a prototype and I did a form on a French newspaper about tribelle and intellicopter, 3 & 4 motors.
Now he distribute professional UAV.
Years spent, prices of components dropped. I then started fpv exploration with Easystar multiplex model airplane, which satisfy me very much. We my father and I made a dedicated airplane for FPV, and aerial video with Kodak zx1. But mostly static position in flight is needed so I search on web any information and found the clever idea of yaw solution in Rcexplorer design.
Making is very simple no extra money to spend, only electronically actuators made with PWM ESC for brushless motor.
What so easy to set and understand how it works for an...Continue Reading