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Posted by allpropedup | Jul 20, 2011 @ 04:50 AM | 2,037 Views
Lets see, we have a Puddle Bug with PZ running gear. A Stealth Bomber converted to brushless prop in a slot 3.7 gram servos, 10gram motor, 6 amp ESC & 5x3 prop. A Great Planes Synapse EDF now converted to pusher prop 5x5. 3150kv ARC inrunner, 18amp ESC to fast 4 me as I`ve been flying 4 a year now. But soon A FW 190 Gillows converted with PZ gear. A PZ 4Site. A Tech One micro Yak. A PZ BF109 with ! BIG HACKER OUTRUNNER and 3 blade prop. And my little Plantraco P51. 2 MultiPlex Fox`s both running Hacker A 10 4.5x4.5APC and 3s packs. A Mini Squall built from plans by Little Phoenix no gear yet. All but Plantraco are flown with a DX7 and aftermarket receivers
Posted by allpropedup | Jul 20, 2011 @ 04:09 AM | 3,101 Views
"The 5 Footer"
5" Wing /3.5 lbs /Hacker A-3010 XL / 50 Amp ESC / 4s-3300 MAH / 11x7 apc prop.
NOTE: "THANK You, Butch777, fellow rcg'r Thank you for the free wings!"
No one else to fly with here in town. Just me, myself, & I. And no green grass.