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Posted by MARCOELDRAGON | Mar 10, 2015 @ 10:48 AM | 3,420 Views
I have over 160 flights on my homemade tricopter I built last fall. It has quite unexpectedly became my favorite RC aircraft. The small size, ease of transport and its ability to fly just about anywhere have made it my go to flier. An added plus is that it is just plain fun to fly, especially now the I have more or less mastered some basic aerobatic moves. Many thanks to the guys from Flitetest and Matt Hall from Simplecopter for the inspiration to build the bird.
Posted by MARCOELDRAGON | Jun 07, 2013 @ 11:01 PM | 2,782 Views
Hope to get some Edge time in tomorrow. The 48" needs to be tested after a prop strike on a crappy landing a few weeks back cracked the firewall and some other pieces in the motor box. Did some gluing, patching with some balsa scraps and a few wraps of highly stretched electrical tape. It should hold. I have the motor box kit but am holding it in reserve for major damage. 70 or so flights now since switching to the OS 3820 960 kv motor. I love this combination. Great smooth power on 3s with a 14x7 prop.
Is it just me or has this been the worst spring for RC flying conditions? I rebuilt my old trusty F-27 Custom recently just so I could have something to fly when it is too windy for anything else in my hanger.
Posted by MARCOELDRAGON | Aug 18, 2012 @ 07:10 AM | 3,429 Views
Finally have Edge 3 about where I want it. Still using Omega 130g on 3s 2200 30c or 40c batteries. Castle Thunderbird 54 ESC and Hobbywing 8amp UBEC turning an APC 14x7E prop. I now have Savox 0255 digital MG servos all around. Stock wire gear with 2.5 inch Du-Bro Wheels and a tensioner from axle to axle. Nice set of graphics for a touch of bling. The plane now has 190 flights on it and I love it more each time it flies.

25 more flights added and I am very happy with this plane. The Savox servos are great and well worth the extra few dollars and slight increase in weight. Still using the Omega 130 motor that now has close to 300 flights in the 48" Edges.

Edge #3 met a tragic end a few weeks back when the rudder servo began flapping back and forth full range in mid flight. Nosed in from about 15 feet after a 3 minute fight to get it down safe. So I finally replaced the motor box on Edge #2 repaired and reinforced the side plates and two broken formers. Re-maiden was 10/10/12 all is well again in my little RC world.
Posted by MARCOELDRAGON | Jul 21, 2012 @ 06:17 AM | 3,496 Views
My 3DHS 48" Edge 540 is my pride and joy. I have almost 130 flights on it now and hope to get at least another 130 out of it. It still has things to teach me and I still have many things to learn. I use the Omega 130g motor, 3s 30c 2200 mAh battery, Castle Thunderbird 54 ESC, Hobbywing 8 amp UBEC and my preferred propeller is an APC 14x7E. I use a DX6i and a HK 6ch orange rx with Satellite. I have been using HS 65 MG servos on 6 volts so far.
Posted by MARCOELDRAGON | Jan 29, 2011 @ 09:59 PM | 3,497 Views
Got back outside this afternoon and made 3 more flights, one more with the Stryker and 2 with the FunJet. I tried my gloves with the thumb tips cut off so that I can feel the sticks. They were a help but the fingertips either need to be rubberized or cut off like the thumbs. I have noticed the trim on my Funjet changes when it is less than 40 degrees outside. It takes more down trim even though the CG stays the same. I think I found out why. I noticed at the end of the second flight that the Elevons were slightly curled up. After 15 minutes back inside they were flat again. My Elevons have a moderate coat of orange paint on top and a fairly light coat of bright yellow on the bottom. My thinking is the heavier paint on top is shrinking in the cold air and causing the Elevons to curl up. Wonder if anyone else has noticed anything similar?
Posted by MARCOELDRAGON | Jan 29, 2011 @ 11:55 AM | 3,738 Views
We had about a foot of snow here in Virginia on Wednesday and it gave me a few ideas to try. For one I figured it might soften my rather crappy belly flop landing a bit. I was able to try this yesterday after work with my FunJet. The snow was soft and the FunJet came to a quick, smooth halt just as I had hoped. This morning I took my Stryker (with 64 mm EDF) outside and flew 2 batteries. The big, wide, flat bottom of the Stryker landed much different from the FunJet. It would slide for a few feet without digging into the snow. I flew both times by doing a slide takeoff from the ground. I laid it on the snow facing into the light wind and hit the throttle, getting airborne in about 40 feet. Great fun.