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Posted by GrootWitBaas | Jul 11, 2011 @ 09:34 AM | 3,582 Views
So if you connect your battery on the 9x the wrong way around, here is a guide how to fix it
I helped CX2Mike to fix his, and in most cases it can be fixed. If you don't get it working feel free to ask me for more help if I can.

Next some help to those using a mac and want to run eepe.

I have created compiled .dmg and it is available from
You still need to install avrdude by yourself, but no need for xcode and qt.
Instructions for avrdude below (remember to add the avrdude location in eepe)

This instructions was taken from the Gruvin9x page

Mac Users

Note: this only works with X-Code 3 or earlier because qmake builds a X-Code 2 project file.
I am still looking into a solution for this, but I am no developer so it might take a wile

Mac users can install the Qt Developer stuff from here:

Then svn checkout eepe from the eepe project site.

svn checkout eepe
Under Windows and Linux, you build the eepe application like so ..

cd eepe/src
But on the the Mac, when you run qmake, which would 'normally' create a Makefile for the build process, a Makefile is not created. Instead, and arguably even better, qmake creates an entire Xcode project structure in a directory named eepe.xcodeproj/. To build the program, open the project in Xcode, click Build...Continue Reading