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Posted by SkyNorth | Dec 10, 2011 @ 08:51 AM | 7,616 Views
The Boards are in finally !

I have to add the connectors ... and then program the ARM and AVR micros Then test the input/output , co-processor , sound , volume , serial ports ....
well there lots of stuff to test...

Here is the Rev B1 version of the ERSKY9x board.
It uses a larger TO220 style 3.3V regulator , to allow for better heat dissipation
when using 3S lipos .

It is designed to replace the main control board in the 9x radio.

It runs a new version of the ER9x and Open9x software.
Developed for the ARM microprocessor

It has a SAM3S ARM microprocessor , with 256K Eprom , 48K Ram
and adjustable clock up to 64Mhz

4Mb SPI EEPROM for model storage.
Each model has 4K of storage space
So there is room for around 40 models , before using the Mini SD card.

Upgrade socket for better quality , easier to read LCD

DAC sound support with digital volume control
and 3/4Watt audio amp , with 8 ohm speaker and headphone jack output.

2.5mm stereo jack for external access of COM ports.

3.5mm headphone jack , with auto speaker cutoff.

Built in USB port for program upgrades , and computer access

High speed Micro SD card socket , for model and sound storage , telemetry logging?

Third Serial Com Port , for RN-42 Bluetooth module hookup.

Easy hookup for telemetry with built in RS232 converters

Haptic output connector.

Dimmable On/Off LED backlight control

External input for Rotary encoder.

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