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Posted by Barney Boy | Jan 23, 2011 @ 11:43 AM | 4,582 Views
Ok... I found a boogie board and a few parts, I need to plasma cut the chanel I plan to use, and drill a few holes in order to start the frame to the motor...When on the hunt for a boogie board I stoped by the flight field and met a young pilot and his dad. It was a nice day for flying, and I was able to get an idea of how high and far we can fly at that you can see by the photo he did well and had a blast 4 flights and took the plane home in one piece.
Posted by Barney Boy | Jan 04, 2011 @ 07:58 AM | 4,032 Views
Happy New Year.....Ok now that the hollidays are over it is time to get back to it in the shop...It is a bit cold so time is limited, as my darn hands don't work well when they are cold...
My daughters boyfriend and I started talking about RC stuff and with a quick search we found a new RC Boogie Board
Boogie Board Airboat With 31cc Ryobi Weedeater Motor (1 min 41 sec)
so we decided to make one with a extra motor I had laying around. It's a 20cc weed eater engine, the ports are one the back of the motor so I was not going to use it on a plane...Anyways we mounted it and, got it running. WooHoo so now we are on the hunt for a cheep boogie board. I will post updates later here is a pic of the power plant...