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Posted by Marvelite | Mar 15, 2011 @ 11:00 AM | 2,431 Views
The wing tips are a bit tricky.

I modified the the wing tips build slightly from the manual.

Make sure you can slide the wing tip between the spars. Sand the inside of the spars a bit so that the larger 1.5 mm wing tip slides in easily. Make sure the trailing edges line up.

Glue that piece in with the trailing edge of wing lined up with the trailing edge of the 1.5 mm wing tip piece.

Add the 2 extra pieces of spar on top and 2 extra pieces of spar on the bottom of the wing tip.

Then add the 1.5 mm wing reinforcement piece behind the spar on top of the wing tip.

The next part is where I modified the wing tip.

In front of the spar I put 1.5 mm wing tip doublers on the bottom and on top. The manual says to just put one wing tip doubler in front of the spar.

So the manual says to use 2 extra pieces for wing doublers. I used 3 extra pieces with 2 in front of the spar.

I did this because I wanted the front of the wing tip to match the wing rib better.

After I did all that, I also put an extra piece of spar on the wing tip so that the CF was easier to put on. My spar pieces did not line up with the top and bottom of the D Tube Sheeting. I wanted a smooth transition from the D Tube sheeting and the wing tip.

Then I sanded the wing tip to match the rib and sanded the sharp edges on the spar pieces.
Posted by Marvelite | Feb 01, 2011 @ 06:28 PM | 2,158 Views
I am building a QFII right now and found out that round toothpicks are an excellent way to raise the leading edge of the lower D Box sheeting while gluing the sheeting to the ribs.