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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 29, 2015 @ 04:38 AM | 4,524 Views

I am finally the proud owner and flyer of one slightly used E-Flite J3 Piper 25e size and power. The specifications are:

Wingspan: 62 in (1575mm)
Length: 35.5 in (900mm)
Wing Area: 552 sq in (35.5 sq dm)
Weight w/o Battery: 3.2 lb (1.45 kg); 4.5 lb w/Floats (2.0 kg)
Weight w/Battery: 4 lb (1.8 kg); 5.3 lb w/Floats (2.4 kg)

I say slightly since I traded with Budkeywest back in 2013!

Here is Bud's For Sale Ad:

Here is what I traded him for it:

================================================== ===

Flight Ready Summary:

The E-Flite J3 Piper was observed as repaired in the frontal wing saddle section and other minor scrapes and repairs on wing tips.

However, the J3 Piper is in very good shape and servos look new. Bud included some Piper Yellow trim sheet and with that I was able to hide many prior flight / landing issues. The windshield is still usable even though it has a missing side piece and trim Sheet was used used to secure to the FUSE and did a great job.

Over all spent was just 2 hours getting it flight ready and that's was taking my time.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 25, 2015 @ 07:17 PM | 4,377 Views
Hello good people,

Just sharing some pictures and video of my first two flights with this project. Yes, I had this model For Sale countless times and there were no takers so, I went Electric on it and glad I did. It really hauls the mail once it is in the air and the Propeller unloads.

Here are some neat pictures from my buddy Gerry (simano) who captured my 2nd flight from today.

For the beginning of my Glow-To-Electric Conversion Thread:

For Video:
Hangar9 F22 Raptor Maiden Flight 10 25 2015 (3 min 21 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 28, 2015 @ 09:48 AM | 5,160 Views
Hello good people,

Just sharing my experiences with this wonderful 1987 BMW 325i Convertible that I purchased from a former co-worker back in July 2014.

It is back in the Hangar for major servicing such as Water Pump, Thermostat, Timing Belt, Engine Clean-up De-greasing, and much more! Again, bought this BMW back in July 2014 and have had lots of FUN with it but, it was pretty much abandoned by previous owner for over 3 years in the back yard.

It is just amazing how well it has been running on my watch for one solid year and finally the Water Pump gave UP and just in time since the timing belt was next! I am so LUCKY!

My initial Discussion Thread was back last year and dealt with bad Fuel Pumps and my quest to trouble-shoot why it didn't want to run and you can see all that at:


Some pictures of most recent work so far:...Continue Reading
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You can see my initial Blog on this at:

One little thing we discovered while taking apart the old Engine was that someone swapped Engines during the previous ownership and the shop near Washington DC really stole from the previous owner as the Engine is NOT a 1500cc and instead an older 1350cc with small pistons (known as a 40 Horse).

Some people can steal from others like that is really piss poor business methods. Not only did they charge the guy for a turn-up but, they exchanged Engines and they must have sold his 1500cc to another customer and installed a weak Engine that was operating only on three (3) Cylinders! Unbelievable....

Needless to say we end up purchasing a brand new Engine (Turn-Key) with all installed and this one is a 1600cc with Dual Port Intake and coupled with a Dual Port Carburetor.

About a week ago we brought it to my friends back yard and today we installed it.

A few pictures.....

Last week transporting the new Engine with my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE (Made in Japan) with the 2.2 Liter four (4) cylinder gasoline (5S-FE) Engine and Automatic Transmission with over-drive. This 1992 Toyota Camry has over 473,800 miles at time of this write-up and without any Engine Rebuilt history!

New Clutch included
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Hello good people,

This is a record account of some hard learning experiences when trying to restore a super nice looking 1967 VW Karmann Ghia and the Engine was a struggle in many aspects.

This vehicle had been stored for over 3+ years and doing a nominal tune-up after taking care of the old Gasoline and other issues was not enough as the Engine just didn't want to start. My best friend who is a mechanic and remembers working on these Engines a long, long time ago is trying to rekindle his knowledge base with the help of another mutual friend (Hector) from Titusville, Florida. Hector has been a great help and actually sold us a block casing for a typcial 1500cc and main crank bearings.

Yesterday, I assisted Pete, my friend from Orlando, Florida to open up the Engine from this karmann Ghia and to our shock and surprise this Engine had an ugly case of the sludge and once the Engine case halves were separated after removing the heads and piston sleeves it was obvious why this Engine didn't want to start as many of the compression rings on the pistons were recessed and thereby no compression. We observed that the exposed areas of the crankshaft and that of the camshaft look in very good condition considering all that sludge. We are soon to take the crankshaft to the machine shop after removal of the connecting rods.

It is amazing how the critical components have survived so well even after so much abuse!

A newer 30/31 PICT-3 Stock Carburetor was purchased...Continue Reading
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Way back in 2013 my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE received a needed Transmission Flush from Tire Kingdom in Oviedo, Florida and today almost 2 years later, I returned to have them perform another FLUSH.

Using Valvoline MAX LIFE ATF:


The FLUSH machine was filled with this product and I watched the mechanic perform the job. Of course, they took my Camry for a good test drive to make sure my A140E Automatic Transmission was sound before they decided to do the job. I don't blame them since my beloved 1992 Toyota Camry XLE has over 472,800+ miles on it.:laugh:

I kindly asked them NOT to add any other cleaner additives and to perform the FLUSH using the Engine's power and they did exactly that.:wink: Mechanic stood by monitoring the machine and progress. It really pays to come during weekday hours to find the most experienced mechanic on hand and without finding the shop so busy.:smile:

A couple of pictures:

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Posted by PittSpecial | May 26, 2015 @ 09:48 PM | 5,403 Views
Gals and Guys,

It has been a long journey at best I can explain here with my nagging rear tail brake lights. For months my friends informed me of the drivers rear brake light not functioning.

Always, disassemble the lens and inspect the bulbs and even use very fine sand paper to clean the socket contacts and presto the brake light works again. After a few weeks, once again my friends tell me of the same driver's side rear brake light not working and to my shock and surprise after lightly tapping it with my finger the dang light works again.:frown: Unbelievable, and I say to myself, "How many times do I have to disassemble these freaking lights to only work for a few weeks and then, stop functioning after a few weeks again.:crying:

Well, this long weekend I took matters in my own hands and work like a devil to get to the bottom of the reason(s) why I am having so many freaking problems.>

Here is a summary:

1. Replaced the Driver's side rear brake wire harness with a newer one.
2. Replaced all bulbs with newer ones.
3. Now, either the bulbs works or not. Tapping on the lens doesn't work.
4. To my surprise these Incandescent Light Bulbs (OLD Technology) bulbs get very HOT and within time ruin the sockets!

I wasted NO MORE TIME and went to my nearest O'Reilly Auto Parts and found some really powerful LED replacement lights for my old 1992 Toyota Camry XLE with 472,543 miles!:laugh: These LED lights are made by PILOT Automotive.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Mar 21, 2015 @ 04:44 AM | 6,798 Views
Gals and Guys,

To see previous documentary on my BMW Project then, please visit:

================================================== ===========

After perhaps three months after purchasing the newer (used) Strut / Spring / wheel hub assemblies from Bavarian Auto Recycling in Cordova, California


I finally got my 1987 BMW 325i Convertible over to my family friend's house and thinking it was going to be a several day affair and instead (just like the rear shocks), it was a piece of cake and just under 4 hours and taking it easy and with a lunch in-between.

I just don't understand why people bad mouth BMW's and the cost of parts but, even the new shocks, bearings, and most especially brake components (new) are less expensive than my Toyota Camry! Of course I am talking about a 28+ year old car and realize that the new ones have lots of sensors and computerized items but, so does the other brands (Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, etc....) and ALL of them are pretty expensive to repair.

My experienced with this 28+ year old BMW Project has resulted in an appreciation of GERMAN automotive Engineering. The front struts were very easy to take out and replace as one complete assembly since I purchased the pair of Strut Assemblies that came with a 6 month warranty certification from Bavarian Auto Recycling and true to their word, my BMW sits higher (Factory Specifications) and with...Continue Reading
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Big success!

Since Elevator control horn was at its maximum deflection position, had to take off the wing and adjust the push rod at the servo arm to the outer most hole.

Also, I drilled additional holes but, the Rudder Control horn was the only to benefit.

Just an amazing spin action!

So much so, that it will give you two additional spins after bringing the control sticks back to zero.


This took Trial and error.

The main success key was to change the Elevator Servo Arm - Rod to its outer most hole and this allowed the model to SPIN with gusto. I did not programmed any D/R or Expo on the Elevator and I was able to have Full Control.

The Rudder Control Horn Clevis did use one of the newly Drilled Holes on the Control Horn for maximum Rudder deflection.

THEREFORE:: The Vortex Generators has nothing to do with this Sport Cub not being able to perform a SPIN ACTION. Additionally, my conclusion that similar Airframes are just that......

A CUB "IS" A CUB no matter what and it will SPIN!!! There is no ROCKET Science in this......just enough Elevator Deflection & accompanied with enough Rudder Deflection is ALL THAT is needed.

Some information for those that would be interested in how it works!

As far as getting flatter SPIN would be with the smaller 1300 batteries since using the 2200's in the far AFT position still results in a slightly nose heavy Center-Of-Gravity.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Feb 23, 2015 @ 10:32 PM | 7,864 Views

Well, as I promised.....

Got a few things done on my Park Zone Sport Cub and now it has almost 280 Watts @ 28-AMPs (Wide Open "Static") using the newer E-Flite 30-AMP "V2" Pro Switch Mode ESC and the RocHobby Critical Mass 4-Blade 10X8X4 propeller.

After disassembling the business end of this model, "Cooling" was exactly what came to mind and no wonder my Thunder Power 3-Cell, 1350mAH's got really hot and one puffed up that I had to run to my car and start the A/C to cool it down! There is just NO COOLING going to the rear of this model. Actually, if you look closely, the motor is in the way!

I am not worried about the newer E-Flite 30-AMP Pro V2 ESC in as far as cooling but, I can't use my 1350's and instead will continue to use the larger 2200's batts and never look back. Believe me, I am a guy that believes on keeping his models as light as possible but, this model sure falls short on rearwards cooling to critical components and I am not about to take a hobby knife to open that hole up as your constrained by the clear Firewall.

A few pictures on how I did it and the video showing you all the STATIC measurement of AMPs / WATTS

Can't wait to fly her!!!!!

Park Zone Sport Cub with the RocHobby Critical Mass 10X8X4 Propeller 02-23-2015 (2 min 54 sec)

RESULTS (1st Flight):
Park Zone Sport Cub with RocHobby 4-Blade 1st Flight 02-24-2015 (4 min 23 sec)
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Posted by PittSpecial | Feb 21, 2015 @ 12:41 PM | 7,274 Views
Good Morning Guys!

I finally got my Sport Cub from Peter (PetersWolf) last weekend. Had to drive and rescue my oldest daughter with a bad Kitchen Sink and took a tiny little detour to Peter's house and bought his model and its in super condition! Looks like it came right out of the box and he installed the Flaps!

I wasted no time and found a Spektrum AR6115e that flew in my former Dynam Smart Trainer for countless flights. I certainly did not care for the AR636 nonsense so, I am happy to set up my Sport Cub the way I wanted.

I can't wait to fly it!

Thanks again, Peter!

================================================== ===========

This morning!!!

Holy great Mild Sport RC Airplane, Batman! Just an amazing model with great abilities with the STOCK power system.

However, I used the Thunder Power 3-Cell, 1350mAH, 30C, Lipoly and during the higher throttle settings it seemed to tax these smaller batteries.

The remaining flights and up and including the one for Video Capture, I used the Admiral (MotionRC), 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C discharge and wow!!!! I will use the larger packs from now on!

Video: (Select Full SCREEN!)

Park Zone Sport Cub 02-21-2015 (5 min 50 sec)


My Cousin was witnessed to the fantastic Knife Edge abilities that this Sport Cub is capable. I happened to Video Record a short portion of the flight here:

EDIT: Audio was turned OFF due to lots of wind noise.

Full Screen is better and don't forget to turn ON "HD".......

Park Zone Sport Cub Knife Edge Flight Demo 02-22-2015 (5 min 7 sec)

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Hi Guys,

Here is my 3rd GWS Beaver that I acquired from a good friend who moved away to Madison, WI. about 2 years ago. His name is Richard and super nice guy who I trained him with RC hobby and one day called me to say that he was moving away and gave me several models including this one.

Well, after perhaps over 5 years of no activity this Beaver flew again yesterday morning (Sunday, 02-08-2015) with great results. I was amazed it flew very well with increasing wind conditions and up high it cruised like a typical Beaver but, with some good power thanks to the Mega Motors 16/15/7-turn and just 2-Cell, 1320mAH, Thunder Power, Lithium Polymer battery pack. Propeller is a APC Slow Flyer, 10 X 4.7

Additionally, Richard made the Vertical Stab and Horizontal Stab with multi-layered foam panels for added strength and including the rudder and elevator surfaces. This really didn't add any additional weight that I can tell. The Elevator halves are joined with a shaped wire to allow perfect Elevator function between to two halves.

A few pictures of it as it looks today..........not bad for a model that has been around for over 8 years!!!

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Didn't have any time to PM anyone to let them know of my plans of going down to visit family during New Years Eve and welcoming 2015 and saying goodbye to 2014.

My plans were at the last minute and did pretty good packing all the things including my Combat Wing in my mother's new ride, 2014 Toyota RAV-4 XLE.

A few pictures of the action at the field and it was just an amazing Thursday morning!

I flew my Combat (XE-2) Wing 6+ flights!!!

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Yes, with no Engine Rebuilt history!

Its amazing what happens when you maintain a car with the correct amount of care and most especially frequent Oil changes!

1992 Camry Jamming 12-19-2014 (3 min 1 sec)

Oh, here are a few other links to additional report postings:

1992 Toyota Camry with 465,000 miles - New Distributor & O2 Sensor!

1992 Toyota Camry Spark Plugs & Throttle Body!

1992 Toyota Camry - Rear Brake Light Bulbs Socket Type!

My 1992 Toyota Camry XLE Just tuned 456,400 miles

1992 Toyota Camry XLE with 451,000 + miles!

1992 Toyota Camry gets New Radio-Speakers and AC Recharge!

Ignition Timing Adjustment - 1992 Toyota Camry XLE
Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 15, 2014 @ 11:02 PM | 8,481 Views
Hello good people:

I hope you all are busy with the presents and checking out the lists twice as Christmas is just around the corner! Hoping you all are doing great and remember helping out others that are not doing so good as we are is the theme all the time and not just during around Christmas.

In this spirit, I have been helping out a family friend that has come across some issues that prevents to be able and keep up with unexpected repairs / breakdowns of an aging vehicle and needed a helping hand with one certain 1997 HONDA CR-V All Wheel Drive (4X4) Automatic with over 234,000+ miles.

Almost the entire A/C components have been replaced, turn-up has been performed and some education to familiarize the owner of the importance of OIL chances as well since the very first OIL change we observed nothing coming out from the OIL Filter and was missing at least 2+ Quarts of OIL. This is an amazing vehicle because of the mileage and the spotty maintenance ( not the fault of the owner since taking it to a so called family friend mechanic who turned out to be a turn-coat of sorts).

I have chipped in on various occasions for parts to this vehicle and my GOAL "is" keeping this vehicle for my family friend in operation and going down the road to keep the owner employed and not bear any new car expense. It has been a few months now and I am happy to have chipped in when I can and especially when I have noticed a significant CHOKE hold on my family friend to in trying...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Dec 01, 2014 @ 05:20 AM | 6,348 Views
Hello good people!

Just trying to keep my old beater, 1992 Toyota Camry XLE with the 2.2 Liter, 4 Cylinder running at its finest and doing so, I had to replace the Distributor with a "New" one. No re-manufactured parts for my car!

Additionally, I had to replace the Oxygen Sensor as well after trouble-shooting and measuring at the diagnostic connector.

Recent other work can be seen at:

A few pictures and video:

The Following produced no error codes what-so-ever!

Pictures of my Camry's "NEW" & "New & Old" Distributor pictures and receipt of how much etc...

...Continue Reading
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My 1992 Toyota Camry XLE from Japan died four houses away from home. (466,000 Miles without Engine Overhaul).

I just switched it to Neutral and the car coasted all the way to the driveway.

Of course a good amount of arm force was required to negotiate the final turn onto the driveway and it made it!

On inspections of spark plugs it was noticed that three out of the four were completely full of motor Oil. Engine was missing for a few days so, I wasted no time and purchased four new Spark Plugs on the way home and I am glad I did!

Re-tightened the 30mm Nuts that secure Valve Cover to top of Engine.

A few pictures.....cleaned out the Body Throttle as well.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 06, 2014 @ 05:35 AM | 6,412 Views
Hello good people,

Just amazing that this larger RAV-4 is getting 37-MPG combined as my mother drives City and no highway.

I just took it to its very first Dealer Inspection yesterday, (used Highway) after buying it three months ago and it still has 1,200 miles on the odometer.

I am showing you all the TRIP Odometer so, you can see the actual TRIP miles driven on one Tank of Gasoline. Oh, I filled it up with Ethanol FREE Gasoline at $3.32 per Gallon at a new Racetrac in Orlando, Florida.
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 02, 2014 @ 02:30 PM | 6,388 Views

Wow, I can't believe that I just shelved this wonderful RC Flying Wing (XE-2) Combat Wing and almost forgot I had it!

I spend a few hours in getting her ready (mostly tape and minor adjustments) and lets not forget Dusting Off!

Here are a few pictures of it still with the HITEC FLASH-4 Transmitter and Hitec 6-Channel Receiver. Talk about high Tech! LOL!

Detailed instructions on how to build one, once you get the kit!

- 48 inch wing span
- Constructed entirely of EPP for Combat duty
- MEGA 16/15/4-turn Brushless Inrunner Motor
- Castle Creations PHX-25 AMP Brushless ESC
- Metal Motor Mount
- APC "Glow" 6 X 4 Propeller
- Hitec HS-81 Servos
- Hitec Electron-6 for Hitec Shift on Channel 48, 72Mhz FM.
-Hitec FLASH-4 Transmitter
- 2 - 2.5lbs fully flight ready depending on Flight "Li-POLY" Pack.

-The empty weight of my Combat wing is: 29 oz.
It's all that EPP foam and lead pellets in the nose.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 01, 2014 @ 08:02 PM | 6,312 Views
Hello gals and guys!

Just to share an incident I had with my Radian. A few months ago I replaced the FUSE as the original FUSE had been through hell and back. I used larger and more robust servos for Rudder / Elevator and used better Bite down Locks instead of using the supplied thumb twist locks for the Control Horn Adjustments.

Okay, after perhaps my fourth flight and using my KEY CHAIN camera, I captured an interesting development that up to this evening is still a mystery as to how the Retaining "PIN" blew out from the Propeller Hub assembly.

Of course the damage to the brand new FUSE was the cause and effect since I lost one of the folding Blades (Blades has been upgraded for free per the Product Alert Bulletin).

The only item that I asked Horizon Hobby to ship me was a brand new E-Flite 30-AMP ESC and that's it. Thinking out loud today, I believe calling them was too soon since I had no idea that the Propeller Hub was fractured and reason for the one of the Propeller blades ejected from the hub. However, I will not call them again and instead wanted to alert you all that when your Radian gets old, please....PLEASE consider to replace the SPINNER as the SPINNER "IS" the piece that keeps the retaining "PIN" from flying out when the motor starts spinning.

I hardly allow my Radian to land on the ground since I hand catch all of my flights with the Radian but, when I do allow it to land, its on smooth fresh cut grass...Continue Reading