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Posted by devfor | Dec 02, 2010 @ 12:41 PM | 9,487 Views
UPDATE: I'm adding updates as comments - I'll prune it down later and throw it into the original post once complete so be sure to check the comments - thanks - 2010/12/29

Short and to the point build log here.
Initial post may have small errors as I'm not in my work room to check on exact spec or am typing from a phone.
Will correct any later.

Flight platform & propulsion
Multiplex Twinstar II
7x4 push & pull (reverse rotation on one motor)
Turnigy 2826 1650kv Outer runner x 2
Turnigy 18A ESC/BEC x 2

Power System
Flight power: A123 2300mAh 3 cell
Avionics & Electronics power: 11v 1000mAH
BEC 5v/3A

FPV setup
KX171 NTSC 12v (IntelligentFlight build)
2.4GHz 10mW/5v & 40mW/5v OEM TX
2.4GHz RX (add spec)
PUP3 12v DC to DC stepup converter 12v/300mA output

Piloting and Control Setup
Futaba 10CAP modded to mode 2
Futaba 72MHz TP-FSM TX module (removable)
Corona Dual Conversion 72MHz 8CH RD8P1 modded with RSSI & PPM buffered output
HXT900 servos

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