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Posted by pilotrcuk | Aug 23, 2012 @ 11:08 AM | 4,613 Views
Wingspan: 700mm / 27.6"
Length: 800mm / 31.5"
Suggested Flying Weight: 540g / 1.19lb

Motor: HET 2W-20 (3400Kv, 700W / 4S / Max 60A, 93g)
EDF: HET 6404
ESC: Castle Phoenix 80A
BEC: Castle CCBEC (set at 7.4V)
Battery: Rhino 40C 4S 2250 (250g / 0.55lb)
Servos (Ele x 2, Ail x 2): Corona DS929HV (12.5g - metal / digital, 2.4kg / 0.09s @ 7.4V)
Servo (Rud): Corona DS939HV (12.5g - metal / digital, 2.8kg / 0.12s @ 7.4V)
RX: OrangeRx 8ch FASST
AUW: 834g / 1.84lb RTF
Approx Power: 720W (Bantam Two Meter / Static)
Watts/lb: 391
Watts/kg: 863
First flight: January...Continue Reading
Posted by pilotrcuk | Aug 14, 2012 @ 03:17 PM | 4,924 Views
Width: 450mm

Motors: NTM Propdrive 28-26 (1200Kv, 200W / 3S, 250W / 4S / Max 18A)
Props: 8 x 4.5
ESCs: HobbyWing FlyFun 18A
Battery: Various, i.e. GensAce 55C 3S 2200 (g /
Flight Controller: NanoWii (ATmega32u4 MU, MPU6050 gyro/acc, MiniUSB)
Firmware: MultiWii 2.1
RX: Futaba R617FS
AUW: 891g / 1.96lb RTF (inc 3S 2200)
Approx Power: 550W
First flight: July 2012
Posted by pilotrcuk | Aug 12, 2012 @ 12:06 PM | 4,115 Views
Wingspan: 920mm / 36.3"
Length: 1100mm / 43.3"
Suggested Flying Weight: 1300g / 2.8lb

Motor: HET 1W-30 (4400Kv, 1400W / 4S / Max 120A)
EDF: WeMoTec Mini Fan Pro
ESC: HobbyWing Platinum 100A
Battery: Turnigy NanoTech 65C 4S 3850 (456g / 1lb)
Servos (Ele/Rud): HXT D-MG16 (19g - metal / digital, 2.9kg)
Servos (Ail x 2): EMax ES08MD all round (12.5g - metal / digital, 2.4kg)
Servo (Noseleg): EMax ES08MA (12.5g - metal, 1.8kg)
RX: OrangeRx 8ch FASST
AUW: 1518g / 3.34lb RTF (inc fixed U/C)
Approx Power:1650W
Watts/lb: 494
Watts/kg: 1087
First flight: 11 Aug 2012
Posted by pilotrcuk | Apr 25, 2010 @ 08:44 AM | 7,040 Views
I've liked this model for some time to decided to get one with all the trimmings (retracts, struts) and intend stuffing gobs of power into it

Just taken delivery of it last week and commencing the "build" (assembly) today. This is the second SAPAC model I've owned and whilst my first was let down by badly fitted and broken formers, a wing that didn't quite fit, and a few other minor niggles, this one is top notch, really well done.

Supplied by EffluxRC in the US via SAPAC America, both great companies to deal with. To all the UK EDF pilots out there, I heartily recommend you get in touch with Gary @ EffluxRC for all your EDF needs - tell him Al sent you


Wingspan: 40.5"
Length: 40"
Suggested Flying Weight: 3.3lb (without battery, but including air retracts)
Posted by pilotrcuk | Apr 08, 2010 @ 03:40 PM | 10,489 Views
I love flying the Angel, it's the size of model I'm used to flying most. When the Miss Wind was released in the same 50 size I just had to have one!!

However, I was keen to go my own way on the power setup, particularly as I had 4 x 5S 4350 packs lying spare which would give me a lot of flying before having to worry about field charging. I was also keen to try one of the Scorpion outrunners, being aware that they have a good reputation and are cheaper than the Hacker A50 line. The Miss Wind has more room for a larger prop (than the Angel) which is required for getting a similar amount of power from a 5S pack as I have in the Angel.
I chose the S-4025-12 from Micron Radio Control, 440Kv and a max rating of 2000W.

The build was quicker than the Angel - there's no cowl to fit!! I chose HiTec servos, I'm really impressed with the 5065MGs on the ailerons, on 6V they are very fast and with 2.2kg per surface, that's plenty!! In keeping with keeping the model light, I went with mini servos on rudder & elevator - 5425MG which also excellent in the speed and power stakes. I will buy both again.

I static tested a range of propellers, and decided to go for the largest I had, and 18x10. I will be flying others is due course.

Initial trimming flights revealed not as much vertical as the Angel on the current setup - 1100W once the pack got going. The model was capable of pulling vertically continuously though...so that's OK then!! What I would say is that on the...Continue Reading
Posted by pilotrcuk | Apr 08, 2010 @ 01:25 PM | 11,020 Views
Bought this one to have as a fly anywhere knock about hack model, and I have to say it's rather good!!

Build time is minimal, regular CA & activator works well. I had this ready in two nights - though I'm sure anyone else could do it in one

I opted for kitting the model out economically, so bought the servos, motor, LiPos from GiantCod here in the UK. Although the recommended Hyperion motor, ZS2213-18, has more power at 250W claimed, my choice of Keda is 1/3 the price... I chose a slower Kv to run a larger prop, but I'm so impressed with the way the model is flying right now I'm in no rush to fine tune the power setup but testing all the other props I got in specially!! But I will, one day, probably...mind you it will go vertically unlimited as it is, I'd rather not trade duration for a faster climb.

I've flown it a handful of times and it's a blast!! The undercarraige, which is easily removable as it's an interference fit in a hardwood black, has never flown yet, hand launches are a piece of cake with the good power:weight ratio - nice

Wingspan: 1000mm / 39.5"
Length: 1010mm / 39.75"
Suggested Flying Weight 430g (you wot?!)

Motor: KD 2213 22T (924Kv)
Prop: APC 10x4.7 Slow Flight
ESC: HobbyWing Pentium 25
Battery: Loong Max Tipple 3S 30C 1300 (or 3S 25C 1000)
Servos: EMax ES08MD all round (12.5g - metal / digital)
RX: Futaba 617 FASST
AUW: 467g (1000mAh) 500g (1300mAh)
Approx Power:150W
Watts/lb: 136
Watts/kg: 300
First flight: 23 Mar 10
Posted by pilotrcuk | Mar 22, 2010 @ 05:09 PM | 14,325 Views
This is the model that, after being inactive in the hobby for a few years, dragged me back into it with a vengeance in mid 2008 In fact it did more than that, so impressed was I with the performance that I decided to sell off all my glow equipment and go 100% electric!!

The model is bog standard with the recommended Hacker powerset, it really is a class piece of equipment, the only downside is how it shows up all my flying inadequecies

Motor: Hacker A50-16S
Prop: APCE 16x10
ESC: Hacker X70 SB Pro
Battery: FlightPower 6S 4250 EVOLITE (603g)
Servos: HiTec HS-6635HB (digital, Karbonite gear)
RX: Futaba 608 FASST
AUW: 2835g / 6.25lb
Approx Power: 1200W
Watts/lb: 192
Watts/kg: 423
Posted by pilotrcuk | Mar 21, 2010 @ 08:32 PM | 9,163 Views
I bought the Squall! HP (4S) kit when it came out, but after the trouble folks were having with the original EDF units in the HP/4S kits eating themselves (weak, stretchy material on early kits, later addressed by Phase 3 supplying stronger rotors with extra blade clearance...) and the desire to run a higher power setup, I decided to sell on the fan/ESC (I waited until I was issued with the upgraded rotor - I wasn't naughty!!) I didn't bother modifying my airframe as I wanted to keep it simple, so the fan unit and bottom fairing is glued together - I wanted a reliable unit, so in went a 6904/2W-20/Pentium 80 power setup.

Fan: HET 6904
Motor: HET 2W-20 (700W)
ESC: HobbyWing Pentium 80 Opto
BEC: HobbyWing UBEC 3A
Battery: FlightPower 4S 3200 EVO30
Servos: EMax ES08MD all round (12.5g - metal / digital)
RX: Futaba 617 FASST
AUW: 900g

Once the model was built, running the fan up and pointing the tail cone at my digital scale on the floor showed 1.3kg thrust - not the most accurate method of static thrust measurement but put a smile on my face - the model had enough static thrust to want to climb out my hand

To date I have put...one flight on the model, but it showed that this thing has PLENTY of oomph!! I had a friend hand launch it for me so I could concentrate on the sticks, but it literally accelerated vertically - NICE!!

Next step is to reduce the throws, add some expo, work on moving the CG back, and enjoy flying this thing!!...Continue Reading
Posted by pilotrcuk | Dec 28, 2009 @ 12:37 PM | 7,542 Views
Although my main club field (MMFC at Drem, East Lothian) is now some 60 miles away, I have a more local club (Falkirk/Airth MFC) just 10 minutes down the road. However the field isn't great in that it doesn't have much of a strip for take-off & landing. I decided that a cheapish hotliner type model would be good - hand launched and not needing too much space to land in (hopefully). The Blizzard had appealed after reading a few threads here on the forum so I managed to get a kit from someone who was selling one.

As the model might be disposable due to the flying site, and because I anticipated keeping it in the car for that odd occasion, I decided to kit this one out economically. The Turnigy motor sourced from HobbyKing does a great job in this model - see figures below.

The build was quite straightforward, though not for those with an allergy to Cyano - it's used exclusively!! The Elapor foam is an interesting, dense and not lightweight material, but seems very durable with an impressively smooth finish for foam. I decided to add a little colour to aide orientation.

I haven't applied the Scotch tape mod so I can induce flutter fairly easily with my setup in a medium power dive. But the rate of climb is very impressive!! It's a great sport model suited to hot-dogging on the cheap

Motor: Turnigy C35-42 1100KV
Prop: 11x8
ESC: Phoenix 80
Battery: Loong Max Tipple 3S 30C 2300
Servos: EMax ES08MD all round (12.5g - metal / digital)
RX: Futaba 617 FASST
Posted by pilotrcuk | Dec 28, 2009 @ 09:19 AM | 8,328 Views
I tried to fly my Vantage F3P model in my back garden. Predictably, I put it in a tree so I decided if it was going to be at all possible to fly in my garden, I needed a much smaller and preferably slower flying model. I decided to build a half size F3P style model, and whilst I intended making one from scratch, a good deal on a Mini Piaget and the fact all the hardware would make putting it together easier was too good to pass up.

However, it turns out the 2mm EPP used in the kit is pathetically weak (despite carbon reinforcements), that and bad packing so that every piece has taken a set and is IMHO useless. I decided to cut a new kit of parts from 2mm Depron, actually the stuff I have is closer to 1.5mm. This resulted in a stronger airframe straight away.

Keen to keep it simple, I used some Sharpie chisel tip markers I picked up in Staples on our holiday to Nova Scotia earlier this year to put some colour on the airframe before building it up.

Motor: AP05 (5.4g)
Prop: 5x3 GWS
ESC: HobbyWing Pentium 6A (6g)
Battery: 2S 20C 240mAh or 2S 20C 100mAh
RX: Futaba 6004 (4g)
- Aileron DYS 0201 (3.7g) - resolution and centering seem poor on this servo - watch this space...
- Elevator: DYS 0301 (2.5g)
- Rudder: DYS 0301 (2.5g)
AUW: 60g (inc 2S 100mAh 20C LiPo)

21st March 10 - finally got around to finishing this off. I added some braking devices, and attached the ESC, RX and LiPo. Quite pleased with the AUW bearing in mind it's finished with economical components, though the manual suggests 45g-53g...sakes!! Too windy today to attempt flying, but will be interesting to see if it's slow enough to fly in my back garden - the whole point of the exercise!!
Posted by pilotrcuk | Dec 19, 2009 @ 07:05 PM | 10,048 Views
I just received this model this week - it came very quickly from ProEDF via EMS - impressive service.I'm led to believe it's very similar to the HET version, although I mucy prefer the Swift colour scheme of this one - the finish is outstanding!!

SOLD - March '10