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brainfpv radix crossfire widget use
Posted by yosemitez | Mar 21, 2019 @ 12:34 PM | 4,263 Views
Thanks to:
Tengu RC
How to tune PID´s on your miniquad in 10 steps! (9 min 6 sec)

PID tuning

p roll- sweeping turn
dips in corners – increase
oscillates – decrease

p pitch -
flies like on a bumpy road – increase
oscillates - decrease

TPA – do a punch out
oscillates – increase
a normal value may be .2 to .4

I roll - punch out and see if it stays level
if it drifts - increase
if it feels like you are flying through thick air or that you have to force it – decrease

I pitch - fly straight, flick the throttle
if loose and driftey – increase
stiff or robotic – decrease

anti gravity - locked in for quick changes
try 3 to 5

D roll - fly and snap half rolls
if bounce – increase
if stops but oscillates – decrease

D pitch – helps with prop wash, do quick half flip
if bounces – to low
oscillates – to high

go up and then straight down flat in prop wash
wobbly – increase D on pitch and roll
CAREFUL can make motors hot, small increases

YAW - do pirouettes and stop, LOS
if it shakes P to high
if it doesn't stay level increase P

Setpoint Weight
Freestyle – LOW might be around .6 smooth but loose
Race – high gives locked and robotic feel
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been trying to get rid of the last vibrations found in my 220 size quad, they are not bad but are noticeable on punchouts and higher throttle
update ; 3/4/19
giving up on the joshua bardwell f4 fc, it just has to much noise which is causing vibrations. i think it has to do with it being a aio and the vibes are being transmitted up the esc wires to the fc. see blackbox log below, SO much noise.
test 1
martian 220
bardwell f4
brand new tmotor f3 2400
different props, dal bull nose, cyclone and dal 5045
racestar 30a esc

first updated fc to bf 4 and tuned all filters per these

better but still not perfect. fc stack is mounted on M3 female to male threaded rubber vibration dampening bobbins per many videos. fc is on bottom, akk vtx is on top.

next step was to hard mount fc so i replaced the bobbins with bolts, the barwell f4 still has dampeners in the mounting holes. akk vtx is mounted on top with nuts separating the fc and vtx, this worked a bit better but still vibes on punchout, cyclone props were the quietest

final test, took off vtx that was mounted above fc on stack, put foam under fc and it seems much better! since there is no other palce for the akk board vtx i will have to live with this

test 2
x220 frame
bf 3.5 stock pids and filters
brain radix
gs 30a esc's pwm set to 32khz
brother hobby 2450kv brand new
dal props new, not balanced or polished

mounted the stack like seen in photo, pdb on bottom, brain radix (has dampers built in) on top, long screws with dampeners in between, foam in between boards and on top. did a quick flight and it was totally vibe and jello free. amazing! i think the pdb on bottom and nothing on top of the fc helps a lot along with using screws.
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playing with the BF 10.5, new 4 fw for the bardwell f4, following the uav tech video

CLRACINGF4 (CLR4) 4.0.0 Jan 31 2019 /

# get debug_mode
set debug_mode = GYRO_SCALED

# get dyn
set dyn_notch_range = MEDIUM
Allowed values: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, AUTO
Default value: AUTO

# get osd (you will see the max # at the end of the flight on the osd)
set osd_stat_max_fft = ON
Allowed values: OFF, ON
Default value: OFF

you will then see the max_fft in the osd, default is 450, set the max_fft # plus 25
# get dyn
set dyn_lpf_gyro_max_hz = 450 (default)
Allowed range: 0 - 1000

# get dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz
dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz = 150
Allowed range: 0 - 1000

taken from video
Betaflight 4.0 - Cascaded Notches & Dynamic Lowpass Filters! (26 min 25 sec)

Posted by yosemitez | Jan 03, 2019 @ 06:14 PM | 10,828 Views
how to get crossfire, smartaudio to work on bardwell f4 with akk fx2 ultimate

.In the CLI, type:
resource motor 5 none
resource led_strip none
resource serial_tx 11 B08
enable softserial in ports

video that i follwed
HOW-TO JB F4/TBS Crossfire (CRSF)/Smartaudio/Smartport/RSSI/Softserial (12 min 50 sec)

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set debug_mode = gyro_scaled FOR BB LOGGING

changes today on brain radix 12.24.18
# get dyn_notch_quality
dyn_notch_quality = 70
Allowed range: 1 - 70

# set dyn_notch_quality = 50
dyn_notch_quality set to 50

# get dyn_notch_width_percent
dyn_notch_width_percent = 50
Allowed range: 1 - 99

# set dyn_notch_width_percent = 40
dyn_notch_width_percent set to 40

# set gyro_lowpass_hz = 120
gyro_lowpass_hz set to 120

# set gyro_lowpass2_hz = 300
gyro_lowpass2_hz set to 300

# set dterm_lowpass_hz = 80-100
dterm_lowpass_hz set to 80

# set dterm_lowpass_hz = 90
dterm_lowpass_hz set to 90

# set dterm_lowpass2_hz = 175
dterm_lowpass2_hz set to 175
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crossfire setup

In the Taranis, long press the Menu button, then press page till you get to the “Hardware” page.
On the Hardware page, there will be an option for “Max bauds”.
Change the Baudrate from 40000 to 115200. This will slow down the communication between the Taranis and the module, but it’ll fix the issue.
Posted by yosemitez | Jun 16, 2018 @ 02:59 PM | 11,725 Views
Martian v 220
AKK FX2-ultimate VTX
Crossfire Micro RX
Bardwell F4 Flight Controller

Martian 220 . Crossfire . AKK FX2 (2 min 18 sec)

Posted by yosemitez | May 27, 2018 @ 12:46 PM | 11,675 Views
Martian v 220
AKK FX2-ultimate VTX
Crossfire Micro RX
Bardwell F4 Flight Controller
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Another TBS Crossfire Mini RQly and RFMD chart from flight on 5/8/18

What is interesting is that flight one was farther, about 1.6 mile, but shows less signal loss.
Again RQly and RFMD are the important numbers here. RQLY got down to 76 while RFMD never dropped below 1, this is good.
This article explains it all
Posted by yosemitez | Apr 28, 2018 @ 06:48 PM | 13,604 Views
this is from 4 flights and shows Rqly, Rfmd, Rssi, and TMWR which i think is transmit power?
Flights 1 and 2 are only about 3,500' in distance but are 2,000' up in elevation, a mountain flight so i was never more than 400' AGL.
Flight 3 is pretty much straight out and about 1.2 mile out.
From what i have read if RQLY is below 80% when RFMD is 1 or 0 it is time to turn back. RFMD reads as 2 on the top and then 1 on the lower and it never goes to zero.
RFMD = 2 , 150Hz Mode, fast updating
RFMD = 1, 50Hz Mode, long range
If RFMD = 0, 4Hz Mode (no telemetry)

This article explains it all
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crossfire micro, X220, 600mw vtx foxeer, 1300mh battery, eachine vtx antenna
ground station is immersion diversity with truerc canada X-AIR 5.8 and patch
still had great video and you see the readouts from the crossfire in the chart. battery is only limiting factor
here is a great article on the relationship between rqly and rfmd
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external beeper not working fix
after changing from oneshot to dshot the beeper by switch or confirmation on gyro calibration was lost. do a cli dump and you should see these commands, if not add them and then beeper will work again

beeper RX_LOST
beeper ARMING
beeper BAT_LOW
beeper RX_SET
beeper ARMED
beeper ON_USB
Posted by yosemitez | Apr 16, 2018 @ 01:16 PM | 12,960 Views
EDIT 4.25.18 just flew with this camera using 4k stabilized and i this camera is horrible, the quality sucks, only get if you cant afford a yi 4k+
just tested the edge after a 2 month shipping delay from gearbest. the image quality is horrible compared to the t5e and yi 4k+, way over sharpened, the images are almost unusable , the image stabilization seems to have some jello, not near as good as the yi 4k+

it also records the video files in .mov now, mov files do not play well on my computer

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installed another TBS Crossfire Micro in another build and took it for a test flight and i was getting these weird vibes sometimes, like maybe the the rx and tx were not updating fast enough, happened 1/2 mile out. here is the log from the 2 flights showing, rssi, rqly and rfmd
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X220 - TBS Crossfire Micro - 2K Flight

Finally pushed out past 1K and made it to 2K, only limiting factor was battery. It was 3.90 when i landed. Still had perfect video and the logs from the Taranis received from the TBS Crossfire Micro looked good from what i know.

The TrueRC - 5.8 GHz X-Air has really made a big difference as if you stay in the beam the reception is stellar.

TBS Crossfire Micro - u.fl connector - stock antenna in dipole configuration on lower back plate
Omnibus F4
600mw eachine VTX
Swift 2
Stock motors and Esc's
4s, 1300mah battery
RC-L1 LIGHT WEIGHT TRANSMITTER - http://www.com-spec.com/rcplane/products.html

7" monitor
Immersion 5.8 diversity
Aomway 5.8GHz CP Patch
TrueRC - 5.8 GHz X-Air 10dBic Crosshair Antenna - RHCP (SMA)
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this is with antenna in dipole config, only 1,200' distance but 2,500' altitude gain
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logs with antenna in 90 degree orientation

these are some logs from todays flight with the tbs crossfire micro. i have the taranis setup to log the telemetry from the tbs crossfire. from what i have read the rqly and rfmd are the 2 most important values to monitor for signal strength. these logs show the 2 and this was not a long flight at all, it was just playing around doing some rolls and flips going out about 1/2 mile

i am not sure how to read these that well yet, the image shows a brief explanation of them. rfmd 0 is a very slow update rate while 2 is super fast, super low latency. rqly below 70% is pushing it but some folks go below 60%