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Posted by flyboy1083 | Dec 29, 2010 @ 07:10 PM | 1,747 Views
After years of flying the real one's and working for an airline, time to get back to modeling. The best friend I have ever known passed on, he was my flight instructor, taught me to fly model's a long long time ago, and now I have in my possesion all his model's. He would want them to be flown, so they will be, but will take some work to get them into flying shape. The first problem is with an OS 120 fs that just doesnt want to run, it's an old one, has the double rocker cover's. I checked to make sure everything is loose and moving, replaced the carb and a new glow plug. Can't get it to fire using a starter and I noticed a threaded hole in the head between the rocker cover's, supposed to be that way? Like to get it running and reliable, it's on a scratch built bi-plane of his own design.