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Posted by brad copter | Jan 09, 2011 @ 10:33 PM | 2,432 Views
I joined rc groups about a month ago around the time i purchased my 120 sr.this is a great site with lots of info and tools for the new comer as well as trained pilots.I have noticed as with anything else it's a bit hard to be excepted as a noob pilot.I think some folks on here take this hobby way too serious and it saps some of the fun out of it.The 120 sr is a beginers heli and so is the 120 thread.We need pilots with experience to share valuable info but at the same time it's NOT a matter of national security.It's a hobby that is learned through trial and error.Half the fun is learning and sharing opinions and experiences.FUN being our ultimate goal.anyway, i love the 120 sr .it is one of the best investments i ever made.My pilot skills grow every day as well as repairing and overall knowledge of this bird grows everyday.I'm here on this sight to share and to help anyone i can. ...IF YOU DON'T HAVE FUN THEN YOU WASTED YOUR $$$$$$$!!!!!!