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Posted by -= GYRO =- | Jul 30, 2016 @ 12:08 PM | 2,551 Views
Well, much has happened since my last blog entry on RCG. Moved halfway across the country, ran a forum a for a few years, got much more involved in giant scale, and bought, built, photo'd, and sold about probably about 50 or so planes.

Over that 4 year gap, I was on Team Hitec, RedwingRC, BuddyRC among others. I still do my best to support all my prior sponsors and show of their products whenever possible, but I'm no longer representing anyone as a Team Pilot.

I've also gotten pretty heavy into the photography side of the hobby, eventually settling on the Nikon D7200 and a host of lenses from 10mm wide angle to a 500mm zoom!

Right now, I've got the following aircraft in my hangar:

106" Edge 540 (3DHS)
92" Edge 540 (3DHS)
87" Slick 540 (Redwing)
76" Edge 540v3 (Redwing)
76" MXSBach (Redwing)
75" Extra 330LT (3DHS)
58" Extra 330SC (Redwing)
48" Yak-54 (Future Models/Redwing)

I've got a few pending sales right now, and some builds underway too, so I think my hangar is likely to look a little different in a month, but you get the idea

These are the photos I have of the planes in my hangar right now... my buddy Brian Strachan flew them for my photos....Continue Reading
Posted by -= GYRO =- | Jul 12, 2012 @ 03:53 PM | 6,417 Views
Finally got a pic of all my airplanes together, and a coupe of new shots of my 65" Vyper! Just to recap, here's what I'm flying:
  1. 3dhs 89" AJ Slick -- DLE 55, Xoar 23x8, Smartfly Pro, Wike IBEF w/ Optical cut off, HS-7955TG on all controls, HS-5665HV on throttle, 2x Relion 2600 batts.
  2. 3dhs 74" Edge 540 -- Tacon Bigfoot 110 295kv (8s), 19x10 APC, Castle Ice 100 ESC, CC BEC Pro, 4x Solar D771, AR8000, TM1000
  3. 3dhs 70" AJ Slick -- Motrolfly 4325-280 (8s), 19x10 Protek, ZTW HV100a ESC, CC BEC Pro, 4x DS-610 (SH-1258TG), AR8000, TM1000
  4. EF 60" Edge: Motrolfly 4315-480 (6s), 16x8 Xoar, ZTW 70a ESC, ZTW 6a BEC, 3x HS-5245MG, 1x HS-7245MG, AR8000, TM1000
  5. EF 60" MXS: (when they release in 2 weeks!) Motrolfly 4315-480 (6s), 16x8 Xoar, ZTW 70a ESC, ZTW 6a BEC, 3x HS-5245MG, 1x HS-7245MG, AR8000, TM1000
  6. 3dhs 51" Slick-- Firepower 46 Sport 720kv (4s), 15x7 APC, Align 70a ESC, 4x HS-5085MG, AR8000, TM1000
  7. EF 48" Laser -FOR SALE-

Posted by -= GYRO =- | Jul 07, 2012 @ 02:48 PM | 3,054 Views
Got a chance to fly my new Extreme Flight 48" Laser-EXP today, and wow, what a fun airplane. Tumbles, spins and pop-tops were amazing, with the pop-tops very easy to enter, and a least 3 complete revolutions each time. This airplane has by far the tightest, fastest KE spins of any of the Extreme Flight aircraft I've owned/flown. Harrier flight was slower than the Edge, but a tiny bit less stable... but overall better than the MXS in all aspects.

Great precision lines, very fast, and it looks damn cool in the air! I sold my EF 48" Edge to get this airplane, and I'm glad I did!

For power, I'm running a Motrolfly 2820-683kv motor on 4s, with a 14x8 wood prop.
I'm running a ZTW 50A ESC, and a separate Hobbywing 3a/6v BEC to the HiTec digital servos: 3x HS-5065MG, and 1 HS-5085MG on the elevator.
I installed 48" Extra landing gear because I've had bad luck with the sharp angle Edge and MXS (Laser too) gear breaking at the bend by the wheel pant.

Overall, very impressed, literally only a couple clicks of trim and she was tearing up the sky on the maiden. Also, I noticed a little less coupling on Knife Edge than some of the other 48" EXPs.
My only "dislike" on this airplane was the removal of the optional cooling baffle system, so now I'll have to fashion my own.

Finally, I actually like the recessed wings... I was an early skeptic, but now I'm a believer! Great job with this airplane Extreme Flight!
Posted by -= GYRO =- | Jun 23, 2012 @ 01:10 AM | 7,872 Views
I'm really enjoying my flying these days, and have definitely seen some turnover in the airplanes I have. I've been selling many of my smaller planes as I transition to the larger sized and quarter scale.
Here is what is currently in my Hangar and regularly flown
  1. 3dhs 74" Edge 540 -- Tacon Bigfoot 110 295kv (8s), 20x8, Castle Ice 100 ESC, CC BEC Pro, 2x HS-5945 (Rudder/Elevator), 2x EXI D226F (Ailerons), AR8000, TM1000
  2. 3dhs 70" AJ Slick -- Motrolfly 4325-280 (8s), 19x10, ZTW HV100a ESC, CC BEC Pro, 4x DS-610 (SH-1258TG), AR8000, TM1000
  3. 3dhs 65" Vyper -- Motrolfly 4320-300 (8s), 18x10, ZTW HV100a ESC, CC BEC Pro, 3x DS-610 (SH-1258TG), 1x HS-5945, AR8000, TM1000
  4. EF 60" Edge: Motrolfly 4315-480 (6s), 16x8, ZTW 70a ESC, ZTW 6a BEC, 3x HS-5245MG, 1x ???, AR8000, TM1000
  5. EF 48" Laser -- Motrolfly 2820-683 (4s), 14x8, ZTW 50a ESC, 3x HS-5065MG, 1x HS-5085MG, AR8000, TM1000
  6. EF 48" MXS -- Motrolfly 2820-750 (4s), 13x6.5, ZTW 50a ESC, 3x HS-65MG, 1x HS-85MG, AR8000, TM1000
  7. 3dhs 42" AJ Slick -- SunnySky 2814-1000 (3s), 13x6, HobbyWing 60a ESC & 6v BEC, 4x HS-65MG, AR600, Aurora Night Flying Lights

On the horizon, I'll be grabbing an EF 60" MXS and 48" Pantera as soon as they come out! I'm still undecided on the 3dhs Vyper Bype, but I'm really thinking about it. There were some characteristics of the PA 40" Ultimate AMR that I didn't like, and I don't want to go down that road again.
Anyway, here a few pics of my current...Continue Reading