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Posted by RobinBennett | Apr 15, 2008 @ 04:24 PM | 12,656 Views
I've wanted one of these for years but recently had a chance to try one, which made up my mind (that, plus the cheap motors, ESCs and batteries at HobbyCity). The new graphics are a big improvement over the old random squares too.

BladeXL thread

I went for:
* GWS Micro 2BBMG Metal Geared Servo (x4)
* Turnigy 42-50A 700kv outrunner
* Turnigy 80A ESC (probably bigger than I'll need, but it's got a UBEC)
* Two 3s2200mAh batteries in parallel.
* APC 16x8 thin electric prop
* AR7000
* 110mm wheels

This set up hovers at half throttle and only uses half the pack in a 10 minute flight.
Posted by RobinBennett | Apr 15, 2008 @ 04:09 PM | 12,920 Views
I spent most of the winter planning a plane for windy days and came up with this. It's inspired by a club-mate who electrified a slope plane, and a free plan from RCM&E (which also donated the name).

I'd always liked flying wings for windy weather, but this design should have the following advantages:

* A thinner, higher aspect ratio wing for speed,
* More separation between the motor and the wing, to reduce the noise.
* More protection for the battery
* Better pitch stability, for trim-free inverted flight.
* 3 servos, so I can mix flaps and spoilers/airbrakes.

It has a 50" span, and weighs only 500g - with 200W it should be quite quick but still easy to land. There's plenty of room for a second battery if I ever need more power.

The thread starts here