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Posted by bdboy007 | Jun 23, 2012 @ 09:34 PM | 4,008 Views
If you browse the classifieds here you know I have tried to sell this in all stages of my build as I put more money into it the more I wanted to get rid of it as it is more plane then I have ever flown, the ARF came from KKUSA in the classifieds here is the setup

Slipstream 30cc Sbach
DLE 30cc
AR8000 DSMX rx
all surfaces have Hitec HS5645MG and HS645MG on throttle
Carbon fiber wing tube
Opto kill switch
Fortitude fuel tank
HD ignition and rx switches
1500 mah NiMH ignition battery
2100 LiFE rx battery
3 inch polished spinner
18x8 laminated Xoar prop
Dubro HD control horns
all screws replaced with HD socket cap screws

so today I finally maidened it and am now hooked on giant scale planes and looking at my next which will probably be the Aeroworks 30cc Extra or Edge