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Posted by jer291113 | Oct 11, 2011 @ 02:45 PM | 2,651 Views
This is the first Quadcopter I have ever built, and my first Blog.
After spending a while researching the myriad of designs I settled on the MultiWii design. I liked the idea of re-using inexpensive parts such as the Nintendo Nunchuk and Motion Plus controllers, which I got the genuine Nintendo parts on eBay.
I chose the Freeduino Kit over the Arduino Pro Mini because of the flexibility and the fact it already had the USB circuit onboard, whereas the Pro Mini requires the FDTI board to down load the PDE.
I found CrazyJ's Build Log very helpful so I wish to thank and credit CrazyJ's work.

My design goal is to build a powerful quad for less than $200 complete, with a rotor to rotor spacing of approximately 24" (~610mm).

The motor/ESC combo (1000kv/30Amp) I'm looking at is from RCTimer. I hope to be able to optimize my ESC's following this great thread on RCGroups.

I will be using my Turnigy er9X Tx and Rx.

I have most of the materials for the frame: 1/2" aluminum tubing, 1/8" plywood, miscellaneous items laying around.

So to give you a snapshot of my materials list:
Freeduino w/shield $28.00
Nunchuk and MP+ $17.75
Motor/ESC(4x) $92.00
Frame $30.00
Misc. $30.00

Total: $197.75

This will be an on going project as time and funds permits.

Stay tuned....