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Posted by nese | Jan 08, 2013 @ 12:08 PM | 5,051 Views
(Photos added 24 Jan 13)

I'd bought the the HK-500TT FBL some time in Oct-Nov before any reviews and got it set up in December. For me a 500 size heli made perfect sense for me:

- Smallest of the 'large' helis (stores comfortably in my apartment)
- Relatively inexpensive
- Decent clone parts such as Tarot for this size are plentiful, making them quite cheap to maintain
- I can series the 3s lipos that I use on my 450 helis to double up for use in the 500 so I can keep fewer 6s packs.

Also what appealed to me was that the heli had features that were half way towards the 500 pro model:

- Tail servo mounts on one of the carbon fibre side plates of the main chasis (but this currently means that the only spares I will be able to buy for the CF side plates and the tail push rod would have to be from Align as to date HK has not made these different parts available.

- Tapered tail blade grips

- Stronger looking pro-like tail gearbox

I'd gone on to change a few components for aesthetic reasons while keeping the flying mechanicals the same. The parts changed were:

- Canopy (to Turnigy white, red, black)
- Main blades (to white, red, black)
- Skids (to single piece white)
- Tail blades (to white)

(Note: Some modifications were made on the canopy, canopy spacers and skidsto accomodate the 'pro' edition parts)

The electric components I'd used were:
- Servos: HK-752 x 3
- Tail: S9257 clone
- FBL system: CX-3X1000
- Motor: Turnigy Typhoon 500H
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