Lumenier RB2205C-12 2400KV SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motor
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Posted by nese | Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:10 AM | 3,392 Views
This is my long-overdue Walkera 2F180 project, which is essentially a 2-bladed version of the Walkera 4F180 fixed pitch, 4-channel flybarless heli with some other modifications:

1. Turnigy Plush esc x 1
2. T-rex 250 tail blades x 3
3. HXT-500 5g servos x 2
4. T-rex 250 ball and ball links (on servo arms) x 2
5. 4F200 main blade grips x 2
6. 4F200 main blades x 2
7. 21mm (ground down from original) pitch link rods x 2

The rest of the parts are stock and here are some photos: