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Posted by nese | Oct 08, 2011 @ 04:44 AM | 3,984 Views
Just noting here that I used the same servo that's used in the Esky lama v4 fine to replace the busted aileron servo (starboard side), EXCEPT:
- The servo direction was opposite from the stock so reversing the directiom on tje tx was needed.
- The mounting holes on the esky servo needed to be widened by drilling to 2.5-3.0mm so that it would fit the mount just right.

After changing the servo one of the motors failed... Not related. It was about time anyway. Another time...

edit: I actually replaced the front motor that day in 20 mins. Back to flying
Posted by nese | Oct 08, 2011 @ 12:50 AM | 4,011 Views
This revision of my 1st 450pro TT after crashing my original setup sees the following changes:

- Reconfigured wiring to facilitate easier change of parts: Moved Rx to the base of the tail.
- Replaced blades (changed to carbon fibre); new 'Align clone' main shaft; new elevator servo.

The settings I've set up so far are:

Stick position(%) Angle TxOutput(%) RPM

100%(H) +12 95%

75% +8 74%

50% +4 60%

25% 0 45% 3000rpm

0%(L) -4 18%

I'm not sure how it will handle but've gotta wait till the field dries up a little
Posted by nese | Oct 02, 2011 @ 01:05 AM | 4,756 Views
I bought a new Esky belt CP V2 the week this week for 2 reasons:

(1) To get the Esky stock pitch and rpm settings for this 450 heli:

- A couple of weekend ago I made the mistake of changing too many settings (namely setting the subtrims to zero and putting a new throttle and pitch curve) on my Walkera 2801pro tx and then trying to fly it so that I lost control of my 450pro clone resulting in broken blades and a bent main shaft. Thankfully everything else survived.

The main killer for me was the combination of the throttle and pitch curves which when spooling up took the heli off the ground with a torque twist which was reversed in direction when cutting the power. Adding changes to the aileron and elevation subtrims just made the situation beyond my capabilities at this point.

Anyway part of the idea was to get hold of a new heli and use the standard settings as a base for all my other CP helis. Excellent excuse for to get a new heli

(2) Because I like a light 450 size heli.

- After building my 450pro heli I realized that it's no light weight. Stable it was, when it flew, but I know it will probably be more efficient hauling less weight around. I prefer efficiency.

DATA: Esky Belt CP V2 Standard Throttle & Pitch* Curve Settings
(*Pitch tuning knob on the Esky ET-6I controller at middle position)

Stick Position Pitch Angle(Normal/Idle Up) RPM
- 100% (Highest) +11 / +11
- 75% +8.5...Continue Reading