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Posted by nese | Aug 28, 2011 @ 12:59 PM | 5,841 Views
I'm not too sure how everyone here got started but I thought I'd just write this down so I remember how my heli corner came to be.

As innocent as it would seem it wasn't my idea that got me into this hobby flying helis - it was my 7-year old daughter's request to buy a 20cm 3-ch coax toy heli last August that I decided to buy 2 so that I could fly it around with her. 15 minutes after bringing it home we started it up and we learnt:

- These helis look really nice flying in the air.
- We were not used to contolling things in the air that actually flew and keeping it in the air more than a 20 seconds was a huge achievement.
- The helis were quite durable and were able to fly-crash-fly-crash.

A year on we find that:

- Between the 2 of us it is really Dad's hobby
- The hobby can expand and become quite expensive
- Larger helis cannot fly-crash-fly-crash the same way small ones can.
- There is so much out there that flies and so much to learn.

RC cars was something I always wanted to get deeper into when I was much much younger but I could not afford it. Today there are affordable and decent helicopters and other flying machines which add an extra dimension to my RC interests.

I didn't know it then, but 1 year ago the "Heli Child" in me was born. And thanks to this forum and the people that make it, there is room to grow.

I suppose this starts my logging activity. Being a working person I hope to find more time to add more stuff where I can.

Happy flying!