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Posted by Trevally | May 12, 2012 @ 04:01 PM | 1,821 Views
I recently tried to purchase something from EF as an international customer - only to find out that they do not sell to international customers but trade via a distributor.

But EF did not tell me this and the transaction went through as far as "My Account" was concerned, and I was kept waiting for a week (note my Paypal was not credited, but no one told me). When I emailed them, I had a series of rather crude/ rude and abrupt responses back saying they don't deal with international customers and that I should have read this particular web-page. Then I emailed back and aked if they could credit my Paypal account. I got another very crude reply with a similar level of abruptness and rudeness - like I was wasting their time !!

EF, I suggest you please place a notice on your "Purchases area" so that as soon as the international customer types in an international address, a message should pop up to say you only deal with int. customers via distributors, then send them to the int. dist. page. We customers seldom plough through every page to read every note. we google a part, find a store, and if trustworthy, we pay. But if you cannot trade, or cannot accept payment, please don't leave us guessing - please tell us. Or to save you time, don't even allow this to happen in the first place by placing a clear note in the "Purchases" area, not on a seperate web page...

I have recently bought a lot of stuff from EF via our local distributor, and I have come to respect the Brand. I hope Curtis Cozier is not one of the owners - he seemed very rude in his email responses and if this is the way he conducts business, then EF will have lost a valued customer - and many more because I will talk to many other modellers I know.

I hope this is a one-off because I see the dangerous tell-tale signes of a Brilliant Brand getting ruined by poor customer service from staff or owners.