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Posted by JamesBC | Aug 11, 2011 @ 08:29 PM | 3,271 Views
I had picked up a KDS fuse from a shop in vancouver canada, nice enough but done in blue with KDS on it.

So out came the rattle cans and we did a quick paint job. Didn't turn out bad, just need to get the mech inside it so I can hover it.....
And maybe get some better pictures of it.

Anyway on with my Hoss redo.
Posted by JamesBC | Aug 07, 2011 @ 04:19 PM | 2,083 Views
Somehow seem to have made the second page first. If you are intrested in the work on the Hoss redo, just check below.

Posted by JamesBC | Aug 07, 2011 @ 03:07 PM | 3,307 Views
If anyone is still flying a Hoss Heli 450, would love to hear from you.

In the spring a local flier put up his HOSS heli for sale. I was intrigued with it, and decided to buy it from him. Now for those who donít know what a HOSS heli is, it was designed, and a few kits where sold. It was or is a full belt drive heli, I am posting some pictures of the one I bought, since I didnít think about taking pictures of it.

I contacted the gentleman that designed and sold the kits in attempt to get some info on it. His reply was polite, but said he had spent a lot of time and money in R & D and even though he didnít intent to make any more kits, was not willing to offer any info. Which is fair enough, although since he didnít want to make more kits whatís the point in not sharing info.

I took the one I bought and hovered it couple of times and was intrigued with how quiet it was. One of the things I did noticed was the tail rotor was not built to turn without motor power. Main shaft had a one-way bearing so it would turn freely but the tail drive would not. Now I am not good enough to try it, but would think that in auto rotation not having tail control would make setting down without power rather difficult.

Being so intrigued, I took my Hoss all apart, and decided to start making up my own full belt drive heli. At first my thought was to just reverse engineer the Hoss I had, but as I begin to play around with the design decided to change more of it.