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Posted by boxhead530 | Sep 17, 2013 @ 09:51 PM | 2,782 Views
Since I started with XAircraft's FC, I've used video to black box my wrecks with the x650, and later mqx, now phantom and maybe Thursday the f550, while the phantom has flipped twice, it has always given a warning that I should set it down, hook up to pc, and calibrate, the warning come as soon as its off the ground TX sticks act weak, act too strong, motors sound like their hunting for revolution speed, and a led pattern not expected, but ignored when I got green blinks...but lift off produces unexpected results.
Yes, it would be nice to see what's going on, I'm sure black box recording has some pretty heavy legalize considerations...time, location, speed upon impact, bad math in PID algrormthins, bad hardware, or hardware that is over tasked for its job, anything that would make it easy to have a law suit...good and bad.
I use this thread because I understand ( well, I think I do ) things happen, unexpected results will happen, even mars lander type of flight control won't keep "unexpected results" from occurring. Taking seriously what I'm doing with in RC flight won't keep "UnRe's" won't either, keeping the flight plans within safe and legal boundaries, doing proper preflight checks, maintence using correct hardware and tools are what will.

My father used to tell me: the more you know, the more you pray" this actually didn't help him when his 182 hit a mountain after being shot at with Sam missile in south america in 1990, he was a DEA pilot.

I try to take any Rc flight serious, either the toy grade Helis and quads to the hobby grade, I beat the snot out of the toy stuff, because it's mostly for a what happens when I do this in flight, and recover, than a it's a toy