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Posted by chriskaw85 | Nov 22, 2010 @ 09:59 AM | 2,129 Views
Hey guys, the name is Chris i am from Oak Lawn, IL and i am 22 and joined the army a year ago basic and ait in ft leonardwood, mo and now i am stationed in Bamberg, Germany. I had a remote control car when i was younger but i broke that ground is just to boring for me. And i had an old cessna gas plane that my grandpa gave to me but before i got it to run my dad threw it out (grrr) well since ive been in bamberg, a couple of friends got me hooked back on the hobby and i went to the lhs in bamberg and got a decent 540 kit (koyosho edge 540 red bull race series) and i crashed lol as everyone does. Then i went on to buy a hitec aurora 9 and pheonix rc flight i fly everyday and love it.

Only thing is i am deploying to afghanistan soon, but i will come home with some cash in hand so thats when the clock started tickin...i finally setled on what i want when/by the time i get back. list is follows...

70 aj slick blue race scheme w/ adc hobby store 3dhs vinyl kit
hacker a50-12l
cc ice 100
cc bec pro
hitec hs-7985 servos
apc 19-10
using turnigy and zippy 6c 5000mah 25c lipo
3dhs 42 or 51 aj slick red scheme
3dhs $99 buck huck 41 edge